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As the popularity of Pubg is increasing with the passing day, more Pro players are going wild with their gameplays. To challenge each other pro players conducts different types of challenges or friendly matches to compete with their rival and to gain information about their game style. Pubg also conducts many championships to know who is the all mighty in the game.

Everyone prefers comfort and easy access to games and services. This is a major factor that leads to Player Unknown BattleGround Mobile being more successful than the PC version. The comfort of playing the mobile-based multiplayer combat game anywhere via your mobile is what made PUBG a household name.

Many pro players from all around the World, take part in these games to know who is the best. This entertains a huge amount of audience and increases their fan following too. Also, these championships are a ticket for the underdogs to go all out and claim their fame and position in the listing of pros. Today we are going to talk about one such competitive player BTR Luxxy.

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BTR Luxxy Pubg ID And Other Details:


BTR Luxxy

Luxxy is the competitive level Pubg player who plays for Bigetron eSports. Luxxy real name is Made Bagus Prabaswara. Luxxy Pubg Mobile Clan’s name is BTR and his in-game name is BTR Luxxy. He is a well-known player in the world with a huge Audience base.

Luxxy also has a brother named Zuxxy, they both are Pubg pro players, and both play in the same team. The combination of both Luxxy and Zuxxy is known as Tachibana Twins. Luxxy looks like a small kid and his birth date is May 31, 2003. He is currently 18 years old and he is one of the youngest pro players in the Pubg.

The 18-year-old gamer and creator has reached a massive amount of success in the field and his statistics in the game prove that his achievements are all well earned.

Born in the Capital Region of the country of Indonesia, Jakarta, Bagus Prabaswara or BTR Luxxy is a professional Esports player working with the team of Bigerton Esports.

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BTR Luxxy Pubg ID: 511765696


Luxxy is an Indonesian player. He is a pro-competitive player of Pubg Mobile. His Pubg I’d is 511765696. Luxxy won the ROS Indonesia Championship of Pubg Mobile. BTR Luxxy plays PUBG on his iPhone XS Max and his controls are set to 4 Finger Claw settings. Though Luxxy looks like a small kid doesn’t be fooled by the appearance, this boy is dangerous when it comes to Pubg Gaming. His sniping skills are deadly as a pro.

Luxxy started his YouTube journey on 13 Dec 2015 and he has posted a total of 331 videos on his channel. He is a very famous Indonesian content creator with a subscriber base of 1.42 million subscribers. Till now he has gathered 113 million views on his YouTube channel.

People love seeing his content because it is very engaging and he shares mostly solo vs squad or duo vs squad gameplays on his channel. He gets around 6.30k reach of viewers every day on his content. Though he shares gaming videos with his native language, he gets a worldwide reach on his videos. Luxxy’s Networth is around $21,000. He earns his income from YouTube and sponsorships.

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PUBG Gamer BTR Luxxy’s Statistics:

Season 14:

BTR Luxxy Season 14

With an amazing K/D ratio of 6.69 and over 48 wins in the 181 squad matches he played, the glorified gamer managed to back the Top 10 position over 106 times. Luxxy is an aggressive attacker with over 325 headshots.

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PUBG Gamer BTR Luxxy’s Achievements as a Full-Time Gamer:

  • The gamer backed the second position at PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship 2019.
  • The gamer backed the second position at PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019.
  • The gamer backed the second position at PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia.
  • The gamer backed the first position at PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Indonesia League.
  • The gamer backed the first position at PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Indonesia Finals.
  • The gamer backed the first position at PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals 2019.

PUBG Gamer Luxxy uses 11 iPhone 11 Pro Max and four claw + gyro layout and pattern.

BTR Luxxy has a massive audience of 14.2 Lakh subscribers who watch his gameplays and live streams. And as an influencer, he has 16 lakh followers on his Instagram account.

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BTR Luxxy is on Instagram with the name luxxy_made. He has a total of 1.6 million followers on Instagram with a total of only 45 posts. His account is also verified by Instagram. Luxxy shares his life moments and Pubg reels on Instagram.

  • YouTube: Luxxy Gaming
  • Instagram: luxxy_made
  • PUBG Gamer Tag: BTRXLuxxy

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