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Team Soul is the popular Indian gaming team of Pubg. The soul is led by the popular Pubg mobile gamer called Soul Mortal. Back in the day, There were many amazing players in the team like Scout, Raunak, Viper, and Owais who are the highlighters of the team. Now most of them are playing from different teams. In this article, we will let you know all the details about Soul Regaltos like his Pubg ID, Net Worth, PC Setup, K/D Ratio, and a lot more.

Though these all players are not a part of the soul team anymore there are many great players who are introduced in the soul world. Regaltos, Clutchgod, Sid, and Sagar are the new faces in the team.

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Soul Regaltos Details with Pubg ID:

Soul Regaltos

Soul Regaltos is an Indian esports player and is widely known for playing BGMI. He is a part of the famous Indian team “Soul”. The IQ and game sense of regaltos are very high. He works as a decision-maker in the team and predicts upcoming zones in Pubg mobile. He is also known for assaulting as his clutching skills are up to the mark.


Soul Regaltos’s real name is Parv Singh. He is an eSports player from Delhi, India. He is also a very young content creator and his birth date is 12 December 2000. By profession, he is a full-time Gamer, Youtuber, and eSports player. Rather than his profession he also loves to travel and enjoy other video games as part of his hobbies.

At an early age, he was very fond of cricket and wanted to become a professional cricketer. He was a very good bowler at that time.  But unfortunately, he fractured his hand while playing and had to quit the dream.

He has played many games like Clash of clans and mini militia-2 and mini militia is the first step towards the YouTube journey. But ever since the Pubg mobile was released, he started playing it and shared his first Pubg gameplay with another pro player “Casetoo”.

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PUBG Stats:

Regaltos started playing Pubg when it is released in India and he used to play on his old Redmi Note 5 device. Now Regaltos uses iPhone 12 pro-Max to play his games and he uses 3 finger claw with a gyro on.

Before joining soul, he used to play with Team 4HM and he upgraded his skills by playing daily custom games and crafted his skills through custom games. He was the In-game leader and the first man assaulter of the team. Assaulting first is a very decisive position and this improvised the decision-making, position changing, and clutching skills of Regaltos.

When Raunak and Owais left the team there were vacant spaces in the team which need to be filled. Then by looking at the Regaltos Gameplay, Team leader Mortal reach him with an invitation offer and no one would refuse the offer from India’s most famous gaming icon.

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Regaltos has played many competitive matches and also played in PMCO Fall Split and the team soul secured 2 positions.

Now he is a permanent member of the Soul team and he lives in their gaming facility called Soul Gaming House “Bootcamp”. This facility is the combined efforts of the famous teams’ Soul and 8 bit.


Soul Regaltos belongs to a middle-class family living in Delhi and there is no disclosure of their names on the internet. However, Internet does have images of their family and his sibling sister too.


Regaltos created his YouTube channel in December 2015. But he was not very consistent in the start but displayed consistency with time. The YouTube engagement was just average for him but when he joined the team “Soul” there were drastic changes in the number of subscribers and views on his videos.

Currently, his videos have a subscriber base of 2.19M with a video count of 749 videos on his YouTube channel. Regaltos also creates his content in Hindi as his preferred audience is the Indian audience.

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The major portion of his income comes from YouTube. He earns through Google Adsense, super chats, online donations, and sponsorships.

The net worth of soul Regaltos is around 200k in dollars.

We all can see the high incomes of these pro players, but we cannot imagine the time they had invested and the number of efforts they had put into the game.

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