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The journey of Pubg is quite long and tiring. In the beginning, all the players are equal in terms of skills and knowledge leaving exceptions. The road to Glory does not only depends on how did you passed your journey but also depends on what you have learned in the process and how did you implement it in your game. The average people just see and react but the pros see, observe, think, and react in a very short amount of time. Today we are going to take a peek at the journey of another Pubg Pro Maxtern. His Pubg ID, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, and a lot more.

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MAXTERN Pubg ID and Other Stats:



Maxtern is a famous Pubg pro player and a YouTube content creator. The real name of Maxtern is Sagar Thakur. Sagar Thakur is 21 years old and his birthdate is 23 Nov 2000. He is an Indian pro gamer and belongs to the state of Bihar. Now he is currently living in Delhi. Maxtern has completed his high school education from Govt. Boys senior secondary school in Badli. His lifestyle includes playing and practicing games, posting videos on YouTube, and having fun in his life. He has a great skill of gaming and he has played many fighting games other than Pubg. Games like Contra, GTA, and super Mario were his most favorites ones.

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The family information of Maxtern is still unknown and there is no information about his family on the internet.

PUBG Stas:

Master’s gaming career was started from the mini militia, GTA series, Contra, and many more but the success he gained was because of Pubg.

His Pubg name is ES Maxtern and he is in the crew KNOCKFINISH.  The BGMI I’d of Maxtern is 594387287. He is the leader of the clan named Elite Squad. Maxtern plays his Pubg games on his iPad and he plays with 4 Finger Claw settings.

Maxtern has also played pubg with many Indian pro players like Scout, Jonathan, casetoo, and others.

The Pubg popularity of Maxtern is around 1609.7+ K. His Pubg gameplay and his unique content creating style have made him a successful Pubg pro player and a successful content creator on YouTube.


A long journey from 0 to 1 million is very tough to achieve. Maxtern has put down all his efforts to make this happen. He belongs to a middle-class family and he is working hard every day to make his family proud. Maxtern YouTube channel name is Maxtern only.

He posts videos of Pubg and Roasting people sometimes. In the starting, he used to upload BGMI tips and tricks on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has a total of 1.19 Million followers with a total number of 261 videos. With so much less content he has gained so much popularity in a very short time.

He creates very funny and humorous content alongside his gaming skills to give the audience something new and unique. He always tries to be a better version of himself than yesterday. He gains around 150k views every day on his videos. And he has total lifetime views of 111 million.

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He also has two other featured channels:

  1. MaXort
  2. Sagar Thakur

In his channel MaXort he shares short videos related to pubg and fun and he makes youtube shorts on this channel. In MaXort he has a total of 4 videos with a subscriber base of 4.42k.

In his other channel Sagar Thakur, he shares funny meme videos and pubg videos.  He has a total of 121K subscribers on his channel with a total of 27 videos on the channel.


As of December 2021, the net worth of Maxtern is $744,000. It is super high with such a low amount of content posted in his channel. This shows that quality always dominates over quantity.

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Maxtern is available on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

His Insta id name is Maxtern. On his Instagram, he has a total of 271 posts sharing his personal lifestyle and fun activities and he has a follower base of 623K currently.

He also has a Facebook page named Maxtern in which he has 39 K followers on his page and he loves to share comical content everywhere he likes.

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