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Legends are those who are not born to live an ordinary life. Legends are born to leave an impact on the world through their Hardwork and Success. In this article, we will let you know all the details like Legend X Pubg ID, his K/D Ratio, Income, PC Setup, and much more.

To become a legend you need to outperform everyone in your competition or at least you need to stand at the top with the other legends, sharing the same platform of Success.

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In terms of Pubg, there are many pros available inside the Game. Some of them are popular and some are not. Those players who got massive fanbase and popularity are termed as Pubg pros but those who left their audience speechless with their extraordinary skillset are known as Legends of Pubg.

There is one player who is a real Legend and Legend by name also. Ok, let’s learn more about him.

Legend X Pubg ID and Other Details:

Legend X is a pro player of Pubg and he has been playing Pubg for a long time. He started playing the Chinese version of the Pubg in which he faced some difficulty understanding the language but in a short period he got used to it. And when the Bgmi picked up the hype, this pro also joined the game and started making new records.

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Legend X is the in-game name of the Indian player. The real name of Legend X is Laksh Gupta. Laksh is an Indian Pro Gamer and one of the famous gaming youtube content creators.

Laksh Gupta was born in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and he is raised in Haridwar as well. But currently, the location of Legend X aka Laksh Gupta is in Punjab.


The information about parents and siblings is not shared as such. But there is one photo of Laksh standing with his mother and she is holding the golden play button on that picture. Only this is the information available about the Laksh Gupta Family.

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Thou, Laksh might have many friends but there are few to whom he is close. The name of his close friends is Bandookbaaz, GGuruji_Aura far-off, and GamePro.

Relationship and affairs:

There is no information available about the relationship status and affairs of Legend X. And when some news will occur about Legend X, the news will also be legendary in itself.

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Pubg Stats:

As we all know the gaming name of Laksh Gupta is Legend X and he is among the top pros in India.

He plays BGMI and his I’d is 510190306. He is not a part of any clan and he plays with 4 Finger Claw settings in BGMI.

Legend X uses iPhone for his gaming and he has a very good fanbase and following on social media and YouTube.


Legend X

Laksh Gupta started his YouTube journey on 5 Nov 2017. At the starting time of his career, his name was Legend tech, which further was changed to Legend X. Laksh joined pubg from season 2 and then never looked back.

Currently, his YouTube channel is growing so well with a subscriber base of 20.7 lakh subs with a total of 941 videos on his channel.

Legend X is very serious and consistent with his YouTube channel. He generates his content in the Hindi language and basically for the Indian audience.

Legend X is very popular for his 6x sprays combined with M416 which sometimes gives chills to the audience.

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Social media:

  • Legend X is connected to some social media for personal and professional use.
  • His Instagram account is legendxlaksh. In which he posts his photos, his pubg wins, and some moments of his gameplays.
  • Legend X is also available on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @LegendXLakshh.
  • He is not so active on Twitter and posts very rarely. He just uses Twitter for fun and not for something serious right now.

Overall the guy, Legend X aka Laksh Gupta is good, humourous, and very hard working and he is rapidly growing according to his hard work. He gains millions of views in just a couple of days and his fanbase is very sweet and very supportive of his work.

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