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As the Pubg is regularly updating itself. The players are also updating themselves. And that is the reason, why there are many pros available in the game right now.

Every player works their best in the game and they always look forward to challenging themselves, progressing every day in the game, and improving their game even more.

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Pros daily routine is practicing drills, 1 vs 1 matches, friendly games, custom matches, and others. They occasionally play with other pros to level up their game and to observe the gameplay of other pros.

The friendly games are also played to create a stronger bond with other pro players in the game. As the gaming community is very friendly, they always have fun, crack jokes, and taunt each other, to have a better bond of friendship with each other. And these friendships are not based on any limitations like country, language, or ethnicity. They all are united by the game and they all appreciate each other’s work and always try to support other members of the community.

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Athena Gaming:

Athena Gaming

Athena Gaming is one of the most famous and widely known players in the world. Athena is a pro player of Pubg and he is a very talented person in the game. Athena is a Korean Pubg gamer and his gameplays mostly are 1 vs 4 in the high-tier lobby of the Asia server.

Athena has a massive fanbase and most of the fans belong to India only. He is very popular in India as he debuted in India with the Indian Pro team soul. And that was a bang on debut with 24 kills solo. In that game, all three soul members were dead early on and Athena handled all the opponents and won the chicken dinner, solo. And that is the moment when Athena’s popularity skyrocketed in India.

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Mortal also praised Athena so much and he said that Athena is his personal favorite player of Pubg and these words from one of the top pro players in India, marketed the channel, Athena.

Even many people from India engage in the comment section and super-chat in Athena live streams.


Athena is one of the best pro players in Pubg. He is a Korean Gamer and content creator.

Athena Gaming is actually the youtube channel name and the owner name is Lee Hyeong Seob.


Currently, Lee Hyeong Seob is 25 years old and his birthday occurs on 29 Aug.

Pubg Stats:

Pubg I’d of Athena is 694984807

Pubg name of Athena is Serioton.

Athena is a pro player, and he can handle pretty much any gun, but some of his favorite guns are M762, AWM, Groza, and M416.

He plays in Asia server in a high-tier lobby. And his gameplays are basically solo vs squad.

His device is iPad pro and plays on four-finger claw settings.

Athena has many friends like MOK gaming, Mortal, and many others. He is very consistent on his channel and works his best to share content as soon as possible.

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Net worth:

Athena Gaming shares his gameplays and Hand-cam videos on youtube and that is the primary source of Income.

There are other earning sources as well like super chats, events, and others.

Private life:

Athena Gaming is a native of Korea and he has a proper Korean Family. Family names are still a secret and his love life and affairs remain a mystery.

Social media and Youtube:

Athena is a top YouTuber in the gaming community. He has achieved Silver and Golden play button honors from Youtube.

Currently, Athena has a subscriber base of 2.27M with a video count of 887 videos. His Insta I’d is Serioton0829.

The content Athena publishes is so much fun and with his voice-overs, it is extremely engaging and entertaining.

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