India is an extremely populated country and it has a large population of Youths. Most of the youths love games and play different games according to their choices. Many youths in India play Pubg, not for fun but for their professional careers. But there is one country that is far more populated than India, it is China.

China is the number one highly populated country in the world and with this much population, there are many skilled pro players in China as well. Today our topic belongs to China and he is a Pubg competitive player known as “Nova Paraboy.” Every Single Detail about him like Nova Paraboy Pubg ID, Girlfriend, Net worth, K/D Ratio, and a lot more.

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Nova Paraboy Pubg ID and Other Gaming Details:



Paraboy is a Pubg pro player and Pubg content creator. All the gaming community of Pubg knows him very well. The real name of Paraboy is Zhu Bocheng. Paraboy is his nickname. Paraboy nationality is Chinese and his country is China. Paraboy is a very young content creator of YouTube. The date of birth of Paraboy is 24 March 2002. He is currently 19 years old.

The educational qualifications of Paraboy are 12 standards. His further educational qualifications are not updated anywhere on the Internet. Paraboy currently plays for Nova eSports (China). The competitive career of Paraboy started with X-Quest F, when he was just,17 years old. He is known as one of the highly paid Gaming athletes of the World. He has participated in many Global Pubg tournaments.

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Family information of Paraboy is not published anywhere and he also has not revealed anything about his family.


Paraboy is a very handsome player and he has a great following of girls dying for him. But their hopes are just too high, Paraboy is currently dating a Gamer girl called Conan Mo Yannan. She is also a Professional Gamer and player for Team LK which is a Chinese eSports organization.

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PUBG Stats:

The Pubg career of Paraboy is very intimidating. He started playing Pubg and got noticed by the X-Quest team very easily. He started his Pubg journey at a very young age of just 17. He joined X-Quest Force on March 18, 2019. He received global recognition when he entered the Spring Split Global Finals and got awarded the title of “Most Valuable Player” in the tournament.

Earlier the in-game name of Paraboy was XQF Paraboy but Nova eSports acquired the team XQF and Paraboy’s name changed to Nova Paraboy. Now he is currently playing for Nova eSports.

Paraboy is better known for the efficient handling and sprays of DP28 + 4X scope and M164A + 6X scope. Paraboy uses 6 Finger claw with a gyroscope always on as his preferred layout and he plays in the top tiers of the Asia server. The Pubg I’d of Paraboy is 155943358 and he plays the Chinese version of Pubg called ‘Game of Peace.”

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Paraboy is a very interactive person. He shares his content as well as his lifestyle on social media without any hesitation. He also does live streaming on his gaming YouTube channel “Nova Paraboy.” He created his YouTube channel on 6 of April 2020 and started streaming Pubg videos on his channel.

Currently, his channel consists of 397 videos but to our surprise, the number of subscribers is not visible on his channel. On the internet, it is showing Paraboy has 0 subscribers on his channel but how can that be possible? He got a verified account from YouTube and his videos reach millions of viewers a month. That is insane.

The recent video of Paraboy is posted 23 hours ago and it reached 21k viewers already. He is very popular in India also, there is a controversy that one-day Indian pro player Scout appreciated Paraboy on his Livestream and drastically his popularity among Indians increased.

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As we discussed earlier, Paraboy is not that shy of a person and he posts his lifestyle a lot on social media. He also has an Instagram account namely “paraboy_balabala”.

He has posted around 84 posts related to his achievements, lifestyle, and Gaming. And He has a follower base of 329k on his Instagram channel.

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