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Whenever you feel bored and have no work to do, you just go to youtube and watch anything, Right? That is when Pro Gamers comes into play. If you are a Gamer, then you might see the pro players playing the game with their style and you might copy them in your games too. This is because we all want to become a pro or to achieve some good skills in certain games but we cannot do it because we don’t improvise, don’t look for new techniques or we just repeat our old stuff with low enthusiasm.

There is a saying that “Even the button stitcher could become famous if he stitches the button like no one else done before.” So this article is based on another clan owner named “Kronten”.

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Kronten Gaming Pubg ID and Other Details:


Kronten Gaming

Kronten is a very popular Indian Pubg player and streamer. His real name is Chetan Chandgude. He is a famous Pubg player and his specialty is to provide team backup support or he is the rifler of the team. As the backbone of the human body is important to make humans standstill, his work is just the same, he provides enough support to the team, to get them close to chicken dinner. He is the Owner of the Clan GodLike eSports and a player too. He belongs to a middle-class family who lives in Pune, Maharashtra.

His birth date information is not available but he is now 24 years old. Kronten not only plays Pubg but also plays another famous game called Clash of Clans. Kronten is a total enjoy type of person and loves to travel to different places and play games everywhere.

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The family name information is not available of  Kronten but his father is a Retired Army Officer and his mother is a house maker and a mother of one of the famous Content Creators of India.


The love angle of Kronten is not highlighted to the public in any manner which is why this information is perfectly hidden in the deep secrets of Kronten.

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PUBG Stats:

Talking about Pubg, Kronten is the Owner of one of the top Pubg clans in India. The Current players in the GodLike team are Ghatak, Neyoo, Jonathan, ZGod, and ClutchGod. As the names are damn OP, the gameplay of these players and Kronten are Op in itself.

Kronten does not like playing slow or progressing slowly in the game. He does not play for rankings anymore, he wants to have some action and fun and he plays total rush gameplay on Pubg. His clan GodL consists of both types of players, the mobile players and the emulator players too.

His Pubg in-game name is GodL Kron10 and his Pubg Id is 525348414. He is a very friendly guy even with his competitors. His competitor on the basis of his video niche is Dynamo but he plays with Dynamo now and then and they both enjoy each other company.

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Kronten started his YouTube channel on 4 March 2018. He also does streaming on his channel. With the help of continuous streaming and content creating, kronten started getting noticed by the gaming audience. He also shares knowledgeable information about the game and some tactics about the game on his live streams.

He comes in the 4 positions for the biggest YouTube streamers of India. His YouTube channel is having 2.15 Million subscribers with a total of 1,548 videos currently active on the channel. The most popular video on his channel is “OMG 6 Flare Gun and 10 Airdrop in One Game How?”. Currently, this Video has around 5 million viewership and 78 K likes on the video. His lifetime earned views are 269 million.


According to Stars reborn, kronten monthly income is around 2.5 – 5 lakhs and his annual is approx 50-60 lakhs. This is the estimated income, not the exact actual income. Actual income could be much more.

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Kronten is also popular on social media too especially on Instagram. His Instagram handle is krontengaming. Here kronten has shared his normal life pictures, family moments, achievements, and other gaming stuff. He has a total of 169 active posts and 428k followers on his Instagram.

He also has a Facebook page with 3.2k joined members on the page.

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