Pubg has given us some quality players who shined in the eyes of the audience in a decent amount of time and gained popularity. People love to see their gameplays and skills on youtube videos or live streams. The audience also supports their favorite gaming YouTuber by donating them super chats.

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What is Super Chats?

Super chat is a method of supporting a youtube content creator especially gamers by donating a small amount of money for their efforts and dedication.

But many fans are crazy from the rest and go beyond the limits and donate a much larger amount of super chat. Sometimes they just donate thousands of dollars in just a single shot.

Being a pro player is not that easy, and sometimes the process is so tiring that it could destroy many high spirits.  Pro players need to practice a lot, they regularly practice their game for 2-4 hours every to get closure to perfection. They include certain drills to improve their accuracy, movements, and reflexes. After practicing they need to find content for their channel or they need to Livestream their games, and live streams could take a much longer time of your day, even 5-6 hours. And making videos for the channel is not that easy too, first, you need to find the best content, then you need to selectively edit the content (taking the best part and removing the unnecessary), then you need to show some creativity or do something different for your content to stand out from the crowd. Then when the whole video creating process is completed, video marketing and sharing come into play, and not all pro players are born famous, they worked hard without looking at the clock and then generate this kind of results. They all have gone through this process and then got the fame and position they deserve.

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There are even more background processes, failures, and problems that they might have faced while building their channel. Sometimes there might be Human-errors and sometimes machinery failures. So the content creators have to face them all and overcome them to keep growing.

In the previous article, we had talked about a Pro named “Levinho” and this article is about his younger brother named “Sevou”. He is also a YouTuber like “Levinho” and he also falls under the category of Pros of Pubg.

Sevou Pubg ID:

Sevou is one of the pros of Pubg mobile and a content creator. He is the younger brother of another Youtuber called “Levinho”. Sevou occasionally plays together with Levinho in the same team as well as they have met as to each other opponents also inside the game. Their joined gameplays videos are available on youtube.

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Sevou is a very interesting and creative guy. He has also created an animated character who represents Sevou in his videos. The character’s name is “Spidermon”. The character displays a very creative and funny opening by saying his name ” Spidermon”. This is very attractive and creative as well. And due to Sevou’s creativity and skills, he has gained a lot of subscribers on youtube.

About Sevou:


As I said earlier, sevou is a very interesting player who has kept his real identity secret from all his fans and audiences. It’s not very common for famous YouTubers to keep a secret of their identity from their fans. But these brothers Levinho and Sevou are masters of hiding their identities from their fans.


Sevou is also a resident of Sweden. He is a Swedish gamer and a successful YouTuber.


“Sevou” is the gaming name for the mystical man behind the extraordinary gameplay. His youtube channel name is also “Sevou” and currently his channel contains around 1.3k videos with a subscriber base of 59.4 lakh subscribers.

Sevou has other channels excluding his main channel. “Sevou Mini” and “Sevou Plus” are the other channels Sevou owns. Sevou Mini is basically a short channel with 14 videos and with a 2.4 lakhs subscribers base. Whereas Sevou Plus is a normal channel like the main one and has a video collection of 50 videos with 3.81 lakhs subs.

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Personal Life:

Sevou Cartoon

Thou, Sevou has not shared much information about himself and it is very difficult to find the information about Sevou. So what we can gather is mentioned here.

Sevou is a gamer from Sweden and grew up in the suburban area of Stockholm. The birthplace of Sevou is unknown but it is very far from Sweden.

He even did not share any pictures of himself, so all fans can keep guessing about his identity and he might be there, sitting next to you, sipping coffee.

His college is KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This is the all personal information we were able to mine about Sevou.

Pubg Stats:

Sevou is a 3- finger + Gyro player,  but he knows how to play with 4 and 6 fingers on the tablet.

Sevou plays Pubg on his iPhone 11 pro max and also on I pad pro 11.

Guns he likes in the game are M416, M462, Kar 98, M24, AWM & DP.

Pubg name is M Sevou and Id is 5181866304.

KD average is of 4 kills per game.

Sevou also has an Instagram account but good luck finding his details there. Insta id is ” Sevou”.

Sevou estimated net worth is around $6.59 million, which comes from only one source, all the other sources of income are not mentioned here.

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And to gain more personal information about this classic player, we need to book a ticket to meet this mystery man. So till I arrange tickets, you keep playing guys. Thank you for your time.

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