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We all are aware of the fact that Pubg is a very competitive game, and the game is filled with a variety of players who are always trying to beat the competition and climb the ladder towards the number one position.

There are a large number of new users playing Pubg regularly trying to improve their game by practicing more and more every day. But due to a very large number of users, it is very difficult to beat the other players and always head towards the top. As the level increases the number of players in the top decreases because out of 100% only 1% make it to the elite class of Pubg.

These players go “all in” inside the game and beat the competition. These kinds of players are called “Pro” or “Professionals” in Pubg.

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Pro Players in Pubg:

Uncountable players are playing Pubg every day. We can give approximations but we cannot give solid numerics on these stats.

All Those players who invest their time and put in all their efforts in their every game as well as perform well with efficiency and consistency fall under the category of “Pro players.”

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Difference between Pro and Regular Players:


Players having good knowledge about the game and having good control over their gaming skills are generally considered Pros.

You can easily identify a Pro-Player in the game, here are some ways mentioned below:

  1. The aiming and shooting accuracy will be almost perfectly on target.
  2. Switching between different weapons is their specialty.
  3. They always prefer the best battleground or better positions in different fighting scenarios.
  4. They know the proper handling process of different weapons and how to get the most out of a weapon.
  5. Their movements are also very fast and reaction time is even faster than the blink of an eye.
  6. They can change the outcome of the battle alone.

These all traits are very much noticeable and you can easily identify a pro in action by watching his game as your teammate or as an opponent if you meet one.

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Regular players are those players, who just play games for fun or are not consistent with the game. Their main purpose is to just have fun in the game with friends and to just pass their leisure time.

The main feature which differentiates a Pro from a Regular player is the amount invested in-game for practice. Practice makes everyone better. The more you practice in-game the more you will improve your skills and control over the game. This differentiates as a Pro player from a Regular player.

There are many pro players actively participating in the game, and some of them are very popular among Pubg users for their gameplays, skills, and their audience interactions.

Many pro players stream their gameplays on various platforms like youtube, twitch, and similar others. And based on their live streams and videos, they generate a huge amount of income and fan base.


Levinho is one of the popular names of Pro players in Pubg. The real name of levinho is “Brahim” and he is a resident of Sweden. Brahim is a famous Swedish Gamer and Youtuber who uploads Pubg videos and does live streams on his channel “Levinho”.

Brahim aka Levinho was born in Sweden on 10 of May 1999. He is a famous Swedish Pubg Player and his followers are spread all over the globe. Levinho prefers playing Pubg on his iPhone and he mostly plays Pubg only. His skills and gameplay are of a very high standard and that is the reason he falls under the category of Pubg Pros. He has also participated in several tournaments and events of Pubg.

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Levinho started his youtube career on 24 Jan 2018 and his youtube channel is filled with Pubg videos. In a short period, he gained a large audience and became very popular because he has the right skillset and passion for the game. Currently, Levinho’s youtube channel has 1.58k videos and he has a subscriber base of 10.7 M subscribers. Even more crazy is that his videos have reached 1.89 Billion people till now. Currently, he is 21 years old. His first video is of June month, 2018.

During his career, he has played with many famous YouTubers and gamers from India and from all over the world. Mortal, Dynamo, Carryminati, Kronten, and Sevou are some famous Pro gamers and YouTubers of Pubg which are known all around the world.

Levinho plays with three-finger claw settings. His favorite guns are M416, M762, M24, and AWM. Though he knows how to handle all weapons and guns Pro’s can have preferences too.

His Pubg name is M Levinho and he has made a stunning record of 40 kills solo in a match.

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He is the first PUBGM player/YouTuber to touch the mark of 1 Billion+ view. He also giveaways Pubg mobile UC and other items through his channel. His KD ratio is 4 approx ( as the KD goes up and down throughout the season)

Despite being so famous in the world of gaming, Levinho has never shared any of his details on any social media or his channel. He also has never revealed his face on his Social media or youtube. Despite that, he has a very large and supportive fanbase.

  • Pubg ID: 546590561
  • Instagram handle: levinhopubg
  • Youtube channel: Levinho

Levinho earns around 1-1.5 lakhs per month. Leaving aside the income from super chats and other unknown sources. His net worth is estimated at around $60 Million+. It is just assumptions based but watching his gameplays, we cannot deny the assumptions guys. And total views hits the mark is of around 2 billion, so no doubt he is very popular among the Pubg addicts/gamers.

He has a younger brother whose in-game name is “Sevou”. Sevou is also a Pubg Pro player and a YouTuber with more than 5 million subs on his channel. But that is our topic for next time.

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