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Till now Pubg has conquered half of the Gaming Industry and it is so fun to play that even big personalities are playing it every day as their stress buster or time killer. One game of Pubg easily kills 15-30 mins of your time, depending on your Gameplay and your Intrest. But once a person is hooked onto Pubg, there is no way out.

It is a very addictive and competitive game. Many Indian celebrities play this game for their interest and for having fun. Today our topic is one of the legendary Cricketer and Captain who is Cooler than the whole Antarctica region, MS Dhoni.

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Dhoni Pubg ID and Other Details:


The former Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni of MS Dhoni, Captained the national team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2017 and in Test Cricket from 2008 to 2014.

He is also the Captain of one of the most famous teams of IPL, Chennai Super Kings. The birth date of MS Dhoni is 7 July 1981 and he belongs to Ranchi City in Bihar. He is World Famous for his Bold Batting and Lightning speed Wicket Keeping.

Now he is a Former Indian Cricket Team Captain and he announced his retirement from test matches on 30 December 2014 and he retired from International Cricket on 15 August 2020.

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At the start of his career, Dhoni got selected in the Bihar state team.

He made his debut in Ranji’s trophy for Bihar in 1999-2000. His skill was RAW but Gold that time. He scored five fifties in four Ranji matches. Then he got selected in the Indian A team in the 2003-2004 season. Team A was chosen for the tour of Zimbabwe and Kenya. Against Zimbabwe, Dhoni showed his best of wicketkeeping skills by 7 catches and 4 stumping in the match. He also scored a Fifty against the Pakistani A team.

Dhoni entered beast mode and scored a total of 362 runs in 6 innings. Thereafter he came in notice of Saurav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri and created history.


Dhoni belongs to a Rajput family in Ranchi, Bihar. His father’s name is Pan Singh and his mother’s name is Devaki Devi. He also has a sister named Jayanti Gupta and an elder brother named Narendra Singh Dhoni.


The love life of Dhoni is not so hidden from the Public. He is married to Sakshi Singh Rawat who is rumored to be Dhoni’s schoolmate. Sakshi belongs to Dehradun city of Uttarakhand. Dhoni and Sakshi became parents on 6 February 2015 to a girl they named Ziva.

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MS Dhoni Pubg

Dhoni was drawn to Pubg in 2018. He plays Pubg during his relaxation time or whenever he wants some instant fun. Along with Dhoni, many other team members play with him like Yuvi Chahal, Hardik Pandya, and many more. The game is the number one stress buster for the Captain.

Though this Captain is very Cool, sometimes he also needs something to release his stress. Being a Captain of the National team as well as a scoring player is really tough and tiring. Online games are a way of escaping reality for him and help him forget about his Popularity or his Identity. It also helps build a team bond outside the field.

Dhoni most often plays with his teammates only and the game connects the team members even closure. Not sure about now, but there was a time when Dhoni was so into the game, that he loved to play Pubg for hours and he even talked about Pubg while going to sleep, his wife confirmed.

Dhoni takes everything seriously and in a very competitive manner. He always plays for victory in Pubg and gives his 200% in the game. His Pubg I’d is 5583657745 and his in-game name is BTS Ripper. His clan name is Be there soon (BTS). He does not play for Pubg for any competition but only plays for fun and enjoyment.

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Dhoni is a World-class and World famous cricketer. He plays Pubg only for fun and he does not have any channel or videos to post on YouTube. He is a Gamer for fun, not for creating content. So there is no YouTube journey of MS Dhoni.


Dhoni is the most popular Cricketer of India and is listed among the richest cricketers in the world. He gets almost 7 Crore rupees Salary from the contact made with the BCCI. He also has some other endorsements with a total of 28 Crore Net worth. So on an estimate Dhoni Makes around 6 Crore Rupees a month and around 70 Crore rupees annually.

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Dhoni is very kind and humble in his real life. That is why he is able to keep calm in difficult situations. Dhoni is also a very down-to-earth person he has not shared anything much fancy.

His Instagram wall is like just an ordinary guy living his life, but he is not an ordinary person. His Instagram I’d is mahi7781 and he got 37.1 million followers on his account with a total of 107 posts on his account.

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