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This is the era of PUBG, a game that revived the esports industry in India. The rise of this industry has seen the rise of stars as well. These gaming stars are an inspiration to a lot of aspirants. They see them, copy them and learn from them. One of the inspirational stars of PUBG is the Scout. Scout in PUBG is not only a gamer but a famous YouTuber as well. He inspires youth by his gaming skills on YouTube as well. This article will tell you everything about him. Scout PUBG ID, Bio, Net Income, Lifestyle, etc., everything you need to know about him at one place.

This gamer and YouTuber with more than 2.1 million subscribers. He is one of the most popular gamers and YouTubers. Why is he so famous? Who is he in reality? Let us walk briefly through the life of Scout PUBG ID: 5144286984

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Scout PUBG ID: Everything About Him

Scout PUBG ID: Background

The real name behind ‘Scout’ is Tanmay Singh. Tanmay hails from Valsad Gujarat in India. Tanmay or the Scout PUBG ID is just 24 yrs old and a Hindu by religion. When he couldn’t pursue his dream of becoming a soccer player because of an injury, Scout decided to go into gaming. He finds himself lucky because he had the full support of his parents for gaming. This gave him a lot of confidence to pursue his dream of becoming a gamer. Look at where is Scout of PUBG today! One of the most popular gamers and YouTubers in India. An inspiration to many!

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Scout PUBG ID: Gaming and Esports Career

Scout had a quite interesting gaming career. Starting with team R4W and ended up today in Fnatic. How did this happen? After R4W Scout joined one of the eldest and pro-PUBG Mobile team, Team IND. It was with this team that he bagged the second position in the Club open of PUBG Mobile. He then joined team Soul to fill in the place of Mortal. But what happened next made his Soul’s fans unhappy. He along with Owasis and Ronak left Soul. They created a new team called Xspark. This team was later sponsored by Fnatic. Fnatic is an Australia-based organization. Hence, Ronak, Owasis, Ash, and Scout together make team Fnatic. However, because of the poor performance of the other players in a number of leagues like PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia only Scout remains in Fnatic. The other three have been replaced.

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Scout has a lot of awards in his name a few of them are:

  • Eight positions in Peacekeeper Elite Championship.
  • First Place in PUB Mobile All-Stars.
  • Second Place in PMPL-Spring Split.

Scout PUBG YouTube ID:

Scout also owns a Youtube channel that has over 35 Lakh subscribers. The channel is by the name scOut. Why is he so famous? There are many aspirants who want to learn new skills and techniques. Scout is not stationary. He loves to learn new skills and implement them. He through his channel showcases everything new that he can find about PUBG Mobile. Scout is famous for the 4 Finger Claw technique. This technique is difficult to master and Scout has done that beautifully. Scout is also known for his temper. The fans and players are always cautious of his temper.

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Scout PUBG Income and Personal Life

Apart from gaming Scout earns through his YouTube channel. He has millions of views every day for his videos. This number keeps growing each day. On a rough estimation, he is ought to earn about5-6 Lakhs a month. He also gets donations, it is tough to get an accurate estimate but it must be over 5 Lakhs.

The personal life of Scout is dedicated to his career and gaming only. He believes in improving himself each day by learning new skills. Hence, he doesn’t get much space. This is why he broke up with his girlfriend( now Ex) Zara Vabi.

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Scout PUBG Social Media ID:

Apart from YouTube, the Scout ID of PUBG Mobile is active on many social media platforms. If you are interested to have a look at his social media and follow him here are his handles:

  • Scout PUBG Instagram: Scout_pubg
  • Scout PUBG Twitter: ScOutOP
  • Scout PUBG FB: ScOut Pubg

This was it about the Scout PUBG ID. Hope you got the information that you needed. Follow this amazing gamer to learn and grow!


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