PUBG mobile is currently Ranked as the number one smartphone game in the world. It has broken mobile previous gaming records and has become the most downloaded game within a span of 1 year. Tencent Mobile launched PUBG for Mobile Phones a few years back and since then they never looked back. It is currently the number one ranked game on the Google Play Store and you can also find it as the top-grossing free game on any reviewing website.

Pubg Mobile:

Pubg mobile

You might be aware of the fact that or g mobile is completely free to play a game which is listed officially on the Google Play Store and is also available on the iOS platform. The game has become very popular on social media and has also gained a lot of popularity on gaming platforms like Twitch and Reddit. It is basically an FPS RPG game and is quite similar to Fortnite. The craze for the game could be seen right back in 2017 when it was launched officially for the smartphones. You will be surprised to know that the craze has not gone down even by a single percent even after two years.

Rather, the user base of the grim is increasing month by month and it is evident from the annual report of Tencent mobile. The game has driven everyone crazy with its amazing gameplay and it is completely worth your while. Gamers of every age and every type loves playing PUBG. In this post, we are going to discuss everything related to PUBG mobile and specifically how to download and install it for free on your Android smartphone. We will also guide you through the steps to download it on your iOS device.


Pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile is all top-grossing game which is basically a third-person shooting game. However, users are given the option to customize or choose between first person and third person. It is available for both Android and IOS devices and the gameplay is quite significant and unique. The gameplay of PUBG is amazing and we have discussed it in details below. You cannot play PUBG mobile online but you will have to download the application in order to enjoy the fantastic game. We will discuss everything about the game and this post and you must not take any kind of tension because we will share each and every detail. This there is a complete beginners guide and we will also share some secrets.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay:

Pubg mobile

If you are not well versed with the Gameplay of PUBG, latest explain you everything from the very beginning. The gameplay of this game remains the same across all the platforms. You are basically clubbed with different players and are taken on board on a flight and then dropped on an island. The main motive of the player is to land safely on the island and search for the equipment like weapons and other tools which will help you in surviving through the game.

After having got all the necessary tools, it is time to combat with the enemies. You how to kill all the animals around you with the help of the guns that you acquire. The person or the player who remains a life till the end of the game is declared as the winner of the game. The map is quite big and it takes around 30 minutes to play the standard game. There are a lot of other tricks and things that you need to know about the game.

Maps & Zone of PUBG Mobile:

Pubg mobile

The maps that you find in the mobile version of the game is completely similar to all the other versions. You might be aware of the fact that there are four PUBG Maps. These four maps are available in the Classic section of the game. Erangel is the only map that comes pre-installed with the app. All other maps have to be downloaded additionally from the classic menu. All you need to do a select the Classic version and then click on other maps and then you will get the option to download them for free.

Erangel is the default and most popular map in the game. The map is also found in All The arcade matches. Besides, all other maps are also equally amazing and fun to play. It is advised that the players who are new to the game must stick to the pre-installed app. This face because all the other apps have highly skilled players and you will find it very difficult to play the matches against them. Hence, it is always better to remain safe and start increasing your level gradually.

Zone he is an area within which the player has to play the game. It is a white color circle and it gradually decreases in size as the game proceeds. The play must be anywhere inside the circle. If the player fails to reach in the circle within the time frame, the blue zone will gradually kill them. The blue zone slowly moves across the map and decrease as the health of those players who come between the white outline and the blue zone. There is a timer located at the lower part of the map which indicates the movement of the zone. You master plan and move from one place to another by keeping a track on this time frame.

Pubg Mobile Gaming Modes:

Currently, there are three gaming modes available in the game. All the gaming modes are equal you want to play and it further has a number of categories. Users can select any one of the categories depending upon his or her choice. We have discussed completely these categories so that you have a clear idea of how much time does each mode requires to play.


Pubg mobile

This is the best category of PUBG mobile. It is the default format of the game and it can be played along with up to 4 players in a team. This is the place where you can choose between the four gaming maps. As mentioned earlier, Erangel is pre-installed and is set as the default map of the Classic version. However, the player has got the complete right to download and then select the map of his choice for playing the game. Note that the players in your love we must have that particular app installed on the device. If anyone of the players does not have that particular map, the game will not start and error will be displayed.

The classic version is a 33 minutes long game which has a huge map. There are a lot of things which you must keep in mind while playing this version of the game. You will have to plan each and everything from the jumping location to the survival strategy. There different kinds of vehicles available in different maps. Wahi girls are used as the mode of transport only in classic maps because they are huge in size. You cannot use the vehicles in any other category.


Pubg mobile

Arcade is a relatively smaller version of the game and is specially developed for people who do not have 30 minutes at a stretch. PUBG has introduced a smaller version of the game in order to keep those people engaged who do not have much time to play the full version. In arcade mode, you can again select three or four different gaming modes. There are options like war, mini zone, and sniper training. They take place in a smaller area and typically ends in 8-15 Minutes. There are no vehicles in this mode since it is played in a smaller region.

Players can select the arcade mode by selecting the gaming category from the left-hand side top part of the screen. You can also choose the server in which you want to play the game. Besides, you will find a dedicated customization option at the bottom of the screen to select the number of players you want in your team. It is up to you if you want to play solo to invite your friends. The game will automatically match you but different online players if you do not have an adequate number of members in the lobby.

Event Mode:

This is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the game and has gained a lot of popularity. As the name suggests, the event category keeps on reshuffling and different gaming modes are added frequently. These are not permanent and they have a particular lifespan. For instance, there have been various gaming modes including the PUBG zombie version. PUBG zombie got very popular when it was released for the first. However, the first version of the game does not exist anymore and the new zombie version is available along with some other options.

Overground 4×4:

Pubg mobile

This is the latest gaming mode which has been introduced in PUBG mobile. It is an exclusive model which is not available on any other platform. It is basically a version in which there are two teams consisting of four players each. The players will not die permanently but they will respawn immediately. It is an amazing mode because you do not have to search for weapons. You velvet automatically have the option to select the weapon of your choice and the ultimate goal is to kill the opponent.

The team which reaches 40 points first will be declared as the winner. It is very intense and you will love the game along with the sound effects that are played. Consider wearing a headphone with full volume and playing the game. It male excite you like never before. The craze for this version has become so high that recent reports suggest that players are playing this version more than erangel. There are times when this particular gaming mode has a higher number of players compared to the Classic and arcade version. Hence, you can imagine the popularity of this event mode in PUBG mobile.

Pubg Zombie:

Pubg mobile

This is another event mode which is not always available for playing. Rather, you will have to wait for some hours in order to get access to this mode. It is specially designed for those people who love playing zombie games. It is quite similar to the Classic version but the only change is that zombies will come to you at night and you will have to kill them or else they will kill you. The PUBG zombie version Kenta lot of popularity when it was launched but it failed to impress people as much as the other versions. It is available on some days of the week and you can try it out for fun.

Pubg Hacks & Tricks:

You may often come across many Tricks and PUBG Hacks on different websites and forums. Make sure that you are not using any hack in your PUBG account or else it will get banned. However, there are a lot of tricks and tips that are officially available for the beginners and you can follow them to become a pro. We have a dedicated post regarding this thing and you can follow all the tips and tricks to become a professional player just like your friends. It is very easy to play and win the game. You will just have to focus on some areas and it is sufficient to make you a good player. Do not use hacks and other cheats from third party websites or else you may face some consequences from the developers. The developers are quite strict and this is the reason why you must not take any chance.

Download Pubg Mobile On Android For Free:

It is very easy to download and install the latest version of PUBG mobile on your Android smartphone. The game can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. However, if you are facing any kind of error while downloading the game from the Google Play Store, consider the following an alternate procedure to do so. The APK procedure is suitable for downloading and install the game on Android devices without the need of the Play Store. Well, I have listed down some easy steps using which you can download PUBG APK on your Android device.

  • Go to the official website or any trusted website and download the latest version of Pubg mobile APK on your Android smartphone.
  • Now go to Settings on your device and enable the trust unknown sources option from the accessibility menu.
  • Go back to the file manager on your device and select the downloaded APK file.
  • Click on install and follow the instructions given on your screen in order to complete the installation procedure.
  • The application will be successfully downloaded and installed an Android Smartphone and is now ready to be used.

Additionally, you can also watch this video to get a Detailed Idea about the Installation and Playing Process of PUBG Mobile.

Download Pubg Mobile On iOS (Free)

Just like Android, PUBG can also be played on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. It is very easy to download and install the game on iOS devices. The only significant procedure of download and the game is by going to the app store where it is listed officially. The official game can be downloaded by simply going to the app store and searching it from the menu bar. It is as simple as clicking on install and waiting for the file to get downloaded completely. In simple terms, PUBG for iOS can be downloaded easily from the app store just like any other application or game. It is absolutely free to download and you will not have to pay anything for it.

Difference between PUBG Android and PUBG iOS?

Watch this video carefully and you will see with your eyes, all the Graphics and Gameplay Differences of PUBG for Android and iOs.


Q1: How to download Pubg Mobile Updates?

A: The mobile version of PUBG is frequently updated to a new version as a lot of improvements has to be made in terms of multiplayer modes. Besides, there are two types of update. One is internal in nature while the other one requires a complete update of the application. You will receive minor updates directly inside the application and they are automatically downloaded. You might observe that a screen appears on the device while switching on the game. It is the check update page which is is opened every time you start the game. Hence, the application automatically looks for the update and downloads it if it is an internal update.

In case of an external update, the entire application has to be updated from the Google Play Store. Hence, you will have to go to Play Store and update auto-install the application all over again by spending more than 1 GB data.

Q2: Are PUBG mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite same?

A: No, there are two variants of the mobile version of PUBG. It simply means that pudgy has launched to applications for the smartphone itself. Both the applications are the same in terms of gameplay and other gaming features. However, the standard application of PUBG is the full-fledged version of the game. On the other hand, PUBG lite mobile is a secondary application which is available and developed for reaching out to those people who do not have a very high hardware specification for internet connection. It has especially been launched for the Asian countries with the internet speed is typically low and the smartphone specifications are also not up to the mark for running high-end games smoothly.

Q3: How much RAM is required for playing Pubg?

A: There is no perfect hardware definition for running the game on an Android or iOS device. However, we have experienced that the game works extremely fine on smartphones having 3GB Ram or above. You can easily play on high graphics setting if your smartphone has more than 4GB ram. There is no frame drop issue or any other issue while playing the game on such devices. Moreover, the game rises extremely smooth on 3GB and 2GB RAM devices with low settings. The developers have been looking after the hardware specification problems and you might be happy to know that you can play the game on each and every type of device. However, extremely poor specification like 1GB RAM will have special concessions.

Q4: How to Play Pubg on 1GB RAM smartphone?

A: Many people in India do not have high-level smartphones. There still are a huge chunk of people who stick to the conventional Samsung low specifications smartphones. These devices do not have more than 1 GB RAM. You might have tried playing PUBG mobile on this device but it might not work smoothly and you might face a lot of error. So is it really possible to play the game on such a low specification device? Yes, ancient has taken care of this thing and has exclusively launched PUBG lite for such smartphones. You can easily enjoy PUBG lite on a 1GB RAM device. All you need to do is download this smaller application and then lunch it on your device and play easily without any trouble. It does not eat too much RAM and this is the reason why it runs smoothly when on a 1GB RAM device.

Q5: What is the download size of Pubg for mobile?

A: The download size of PUBG is quite huge for mobiles. The size of the standard PUBG for mobile application is around 2GB for both Android and IOS devices. You must be connected to a stable internet connection in order to download it quickly. Given the fact that the download size of the application is quite huge, you must have a Wi-Fi connection to prevent data charges. PUBG Lite is a relatively small application and does not require this amount of size. Hence, it is a perfect application for people who do not want to spend unnecessary data.

Q6: Is there a zombie mode in Pubg?

A: Yes, there is a zombie mode in the game. As mentioned earlier, the zombie mode is available under the event section of the game. Therefore, all you need to do is launched the game and go to the event section and play in this mode. However, note that the game is not always available for playing. It is an occasional event and is available three days a week.


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