Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID

Dynamo is another very popular name amongst Indians and all around the world. He is a pro gamer of Pubg mobile and creator of the ultimate slang “Patt Se Headshot”. His dialogue is so famous that every kid in India knows this and uses this phrase to showcase their level of skills. Let’s know more about him. All details like Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID, Girlfriend, Income, K/D Ratio.

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Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID and Other Important Stats:


Dynamo Gaming

The real name of Dynamo is Aaditya Sawant and he was born on 3 June 1996. Dynamo is also a  pro Pubg player in India and he lives in Mumbai. Dynamo streams Pubg gameplay and he is the leader of the Hydra Clan.

There is also a secret to this Gaming name. Actually, Aaditya Sawant is a fan of the World’s famous magician Dynamo so his YouTube channel name was Dynamo in the past but later he changed to Dynamo completely.

Dynamo is currently 25 years old and he belongs to a Marathi family.

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Dynamo’s father’s name is Deepak Sawant and his mother’s name is Vaishali Sawant. He also has a sister named Aaradhya Sawant. Dynamo has shared sufficient information about his family for his fans.


Dynamo has played with his girlfriend in many live streams. His girlfriend’s name is Kanika.

PUBG Stats:

Dynamo gaming has played many online games like Dota2, BF1, Apex, and GTA 5. He has also shared the videos of these games but now they are deleted. He achieved his success in Pubg after he started doing live streams in Pubg. His BGMI I’d is 591948701.

Dynamo loves headshots and his headshots accuracy is far better than anyone else in the competition. He loves snipers the most like AWM, KAR-98, and Mini-14 to get more headshots inside the game. Dynamo Gaming plays 3 finger claw settings in the game. Dynamo has participated in many events of the Pubg Game.

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Dynamo has also bought a house named “Bootcamp” which is a popular place inside Pubg Game. This property is around ₹1Crore and it is the biggest gaming facility in India. All the members of the hydra Clan stay in that facility sharing their things, sharing their food to create more strong and unbreakable bonding with the other teammates. They all fully enjoy their life by doing continuous work.

They also have a proper streaming room with all the necessary details like soundproof walls, lightings, PC setup, etc.

PC Setup:


Dynamo gaming started his gaming career on YouTube in 2010 but he did not achieve any success in 5 years. Then the release of Pubg mobile was the turning point for this gamer. He started live-streaming his Pubg games and got an average response but he continued his live streams till he got noticed by the audience and became famous.

He crossed his first million subscribers on 31 December 2018 and now he has 10 million subscribers on his channel and he has posted  1765 videos on his channel. He has a lifetime of views of around 1.06 Billion. Dynamo’s net worth is around 20 Crores and he earns his money through his YouTube channel.

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Dynamo is using Instagram since Oct 2017. He also has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. He uses Instagram to showcase his personal life and he shares some snippets of his live streams too.

Dynamo Gaming also has a Facebook page that has around 1.7 million followers. There also he shares the videos of Pubg and other games.

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Dynamo is a great player and in his successful life, he met some famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Alan Walker, and many more. But being famous does not make him lazy, he is more energetic and hardworking towards his Gaming Career.

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