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Different pro players have different styles of playing and also they add a different twist while creating their content. Some YouTuber plays with their commentary and mimics and entertain the audience, some play pranks on random players, some only focuses on the game and some take challenges to improvise their skills. So every creator has to do something unique to stand out and have his position secured from the rest. Today our topic is Snax Gaming.

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Snax Gaming Pubg ID and Other Details:


Snax Gaming

The real name of Snax Gaming is Raj Varma. He is a Gamer, Youtuber, and an eSports player from India. The birthplace of Snax Gaming is Hyderabad. Snax was born on 6 December.  Snax used to play games just for fun and he has very little interest in studies. Snax gaming started playing Pubg from season 3 with his friends, they all played only for fun and entered a tournament. In the tournament, they came in 5 ranks and won $10000. This changed the perspective of the game in Snax’s life and changed his whole world. Snax used to manage his gaming with the college classes. He managed his whole day in such a way that he learned Pubg Gaming in two hours, after completing his daily necessary routine. Snax is a time managing Ninja, he is a master in managing the time that looks up for his family, completed his studies, built up his gaming career, and also loves fitness and working out in Gym. Mastering time management skill is too hard by the way.

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Snax family is a middle-class family and there is not much information available about the family or Snax on the Internet.

Love life:

Snax has no rumors about affairs or love life.  Snax relationship status is Single.

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Pubg Settings:

Snax Gaming is a very good player and many teams approached him when he got qualified in tournaments at the beginning of his gaming career. Snax gaming is the fittest gaming athlete amongst the Indian eSports community. He has a very good grasping power and learned the Pubg game in just a few days of trying. His current favorite guns in the game are M416 and DP-28.

Snax Pubg id is 585127130 and he plays Pubg mobile with 5 Finger claw + gyroscope settings on Asia high tier server. He is currently playing for one of the top clans of Pubg in India called IND. Snax in-game name is Team INDSnax.

He has won many achievements through Pubg:

  • Pubg mobile Spring Split: India – $10000
  • Pubg mobile Fall Split: South Asia – $6000

And many more achievements of tournaments are won by Snax Gaming.

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Youtube is the best learning platform for most people who want to learn some skills. And it is also the best platform for the teachers too. Snax Gaming also works as a Pubg teacher or Guide, to share the knowledge with the new players of the game. Snax has shared many videos regarding drills, sensitivity settings, controlling, and aiming and also has shared glimpses of his gameplays. Currently, his channel “Snax Gaming” has 1.13 Million subscribers with a total of 262 videos on his channel. Now he is mostly working on his live streaming and connecting to his audience directly.

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The net worth of Snax Gaming is estimated to be $1 Million and the income source is YouTube and paid advertisements.


Snax gaming has a massive fan following on his Instagram too. The Instagram handle is “Snaxgaming” and he got 570k followers on Instagram and he has posted 150 posts till now.

He is a big freak of the gym, so you can see him flexing his muscles on Instagram but also showing some of his hobbies like billiards. And gaming videos are always a true love for gaming content creators.

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