Pubg is filled with Pro players and the pro players are from all around the world. This shows the popularity of the game. And every pro player and YouTube Gaming content creator is known by the audience from all around the world. They get support from their country as well as appreciation from other country audiences as well.

The pro players explain tips and tricks on improving the gameplay and share a lot of valuable information about the game on their channel. Even the audience declares a legit pro player as a hacker because their skills are very top-notch and their reflexes are faster than flash. Today we are gonna talk about the pro who has the same skill set as mentioned above “Panda”.

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PANDA Pubg ID and Other Details:



Panda is a Pubg pro player and a content creator who creates Pubg content and shares his insane skilled gameplay on YouTube and gain audience attention through it. He is widely known all around the world. He is also famous for his charismatic looks and his girl’s audience dies for him.

The real name of the panda is  Tobias Naslund. His nickname is “Blue Panda”. I think Tobias is just so attached to the panda that everything related to Pubg is “Panda”. His crew name is Panda army and his Pubg character name is also Panda. His Pubg I’d is 5178659321. The birth date of  Panda is June 19, 1997, and currently, he is 24 years old. He is a Swedish Gamer and a Content Creator all the way from Sweden.  Panda plays Pubg in his Asus or on his iPad. He plays PUBGM Global version.

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PUBG Stats:

Panda is a very Elite Pubg pro player who plays PUBGM Global version. He plays Pubg on his iPad with 4 finger claw settings. Most of the players love to play in these settings. He plays so well that he reaches the top 500 players of the Pubg in his respective server. He has reached the conqueror level many times in Pubg.

Though he is such a pro player, he has not played any competition-level games yet, as it is not mentioned on the internet. He plays and records his gameplay to upload it on YouTube.

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Panda is a very popular name on YouTube. His search results are very high. Every month millions of viewers search his channel and love his content. His major audience attraction comes from posting Pubg video gameplays and tips and tricks. He also does crate openings and reaction videos on his channel. His YouTube channel contains a mind-blowing number of 1.11 crore subscribers on his channel. These are pretty high numbers for being a Gaming content creator.

The total number of YouTube videos on his channel is 1.2k videos. Panda’s 1-day viewership is around 10 lakhs. Panda also tries to make content for the Indian audience as he gets a lot of support and love from India. He also has shared a video in which he tries to speak Hindi.  He also has many different channels on YouTube with a good amount of subscribers to it.

Channel linked to his main channel is Panda reacts, Panda shorts, Player One. I am just stunned how does one person does all this and manages time. How? I know there are helpers too, but finally, he has to manage everything right.

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Panda is also very famous on social media. He shares his images and achievements on his Insta account and got a popularity of 1.3 M followers on Instagram. The total number of posts he has shared is 1017. And the engagement he gets on his content in Instagram is completely insane. Though all pro players are celebrities this person is one step above in terms of engagement, content, and audience viewership.

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Panda also referred to as blue panda has a net worth of around $5.5 Million dollars from YouTube only. And I am pretty sure he has other methods also to earn money. Panda is a perfect example of a solopreneur, who has reached certain heights of success in his career. You should also watch his content, it is absolutely amazing.

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