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As we all know Pubg development team upgrades the game regularly and brings new changes every season. This January its update is based on Spiderman No Way Home and they designed Spiderman costume and Spiderman web-shooter in the game.

This web shooter is very helpful as it helps in moving forward fast, jumping like Spiderman, going directly to the top of big buildings, and more crazy stuff. This shooter only works when there is a building or some object nearby to stick. It cannot be used in free space.

It is a collaboration between the Spider-Man No Way Home and PUBGM. Many pro players are enjoying the fun of these web-shooters. Our topic is also enjoying the fun with these shooters and killing enemies with Spidey sense. He is Serioton aka Athena Gaming.

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Serioton Gaming Pubg

Serioton’s real name is Lee Hyeong Seob. Serioton is his in-game name. But Serioton is world-famous as Athena Gaming. Athena Gaming is his channel name and most of his fan-following knows him by the name of Athena Gaming only. His birth date is 29 August 1997 and he is currently 25 years old.

Serioton is a native of Korea and creates his content in English to get global recognition. He is a Pubg mobile content creator. Professionally Serioton is a Gamer, Content Creator and, liver streamer.

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Family information of Serioton is not available on the internet. Serioton has kept family information a secret from all.


Serioton’s lover information is all a secret. There are no discussions on the web regarding this topic.

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PUBG Stats:

Serioton is a very popular name of Pubg, but most of his fans know him from the name of Athena Gaming. Serioton is the in-game name of the Korean pro player who always plays Pubg in high tiers.

Serioton prefers to play Solo versus Squad in High tiers of Asian Server. Many of his fans call him for meet-ups and in the last rounds, he used to play pan fights with his fans. But some of the fans killed Serioton by illegal use of guns and weapons, so he decided to not meet his fans inside the game anymore. He has done mastery of the Pubg game and took it at another level. He can use any weapon in the best way possible.

His Pubg I’d is 694984807. Athena is not associated with any eSports team as he only plays solo or duo sometimes. He plays Pubg on iPad Pro and he plays Pubg on Single claw settings. He is joined in a clan called ROK.ARMY and he is not joined in any crew. Athena mostly loves Groza and AWM inside the game, though he knows to play with all the guns, he prefers these two guns the most.

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Serioton’s YouTube channel name is Athena Gaming and he is more popular than Athena Gaming only. Athena started his YouTube journey on 9 March 2014. At that time he just created for fun but he has not shared any content.

Currently, his channel consists of 2.28 million subs with a total of 907 videos active on the channel. His daily view count is around 90 k. In the past 30 days, he has gained a massive amount of viewers i.e. 4.04 Million.

Serioton could also be seen using the game at its fullest and enjoying the current Spider-Man Update inside the game. He has shared videos related to the New theme of the Spider-Man Movie. His YouTube fanbase is mostly from India as he is introduced to the Indian Audience by mortal and by the level of skills he has, he is greatly liked by the audience.

He creates videos with his hand-cam on so that people could see that a person is playing the game. Being a top YouTube content creator he has achieved Silver and Golden play buttons from YouTube.

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Serioton’s primary source of income is YouTube. His net worth is $494,000 as of January 2022. This report is given by


Serioton loves to share his content, whether it is on YouTube or  Instagram. His Instagram handle is “serioton0829“. He shares content related to Pubg and his personal life but he is not that active on Instagram. He has posted only 32 posts on his Instagram but he has a follower base of 141k.

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