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The craze for Pubg gaming is increasing every passing day and each day a new pro player is born inside the game. It is making the competition inside the game tougher. Those who are at top of their game need to practice more and more to remain consistent in their position, but the lower-level gamers are ranking up their game pretty swiftly.

To avoid the top pro players’ downfall, they usually challenge other pros from different teams or different regions, to try each other skills and examine their own mistakes in practice matches.

Though in a lot of top Gaming teams in the world, there are very few Girl Gamers in the scene. But there is one gamer girl who plays with the other pro teams in Pubg World Competitions. Her name is BTR Alice.

BTR Alice Pubg ID and Other Details:

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BTR Alice BIO:

BTR Alice

Bigetron RA also known as BTR is one of the famous Gaming eSports organizations in the world. It is an Indonesian eSports organization known for its famous players like Zuxxy, Luxxy, Ryzen, Liquid, Alice, and many more.

Maureen Gabriella Stephany or BTR Alice is a professional Pubg mobile player. She is currently playing for Bigetron RA or BTR. She is the most recognized PUBG mobile female gamer. In Feb 2021 she has officially declared as the New Brand Ambassador of the Bigetron eSports.

BTR Alice’s date of birth is 22 September 2001. She is an Indonesian pro player of Pubg Mobile. She was always attracted to games and she started playing games at the age of 10 years old only on her mother’s phone.

She is pursuing a degree in Engineering at some college in Jakarta. She loves video games so much that in the middle of her college education, she gave a shot in eSports and got great results from the audience.

The love for games overflowed when she even bunked college classes for video games. Seeing her love for video games, her parents also supported her decision on choosing the path of eSports.

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BTR Alice Pic

BTR Alice belongs to a wealthy family background however there is not much information on the internet. BTR Alice has shared the picture of her mother and father on her Instagram account, wishing them on their respective birthdays.


BTR Alice is a Crush of many boys and gamers as well from all around the world. Her relationship status is Single but she has been rumored to have few boyfriends in the past.

Her last boyfriend was RRQ KENBOO. With him, she had shared a great relationship but both parted ways to focus on their eSports Career first.

BTR Alice PUBG Stats:

BTR Alice’s gaming career started from the game DotA 2. She even bunked her college classes for the game. She loved the idea to meet different people from all around the world and perform in front of them and that is what’s motivated her in her career.

Her eSports career started when she joined Belletron eSports, Bigetron Women’s team on 22 April 2019. She performed extraordinarily in the girl’s team that she became the highlight of the game and she was moved to Bigetron RA men’s team. She was serving as the fifth player and her role in the team was of Support.

Her Pubg I’d is 525522828 and her in-game name is “BTRXAlice”. She has been playing Pubg mobile since season 2 and her kill death ratio avg is 4.

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BTR Alice is also a famous Gaming content creator female. Her YouTube channel is Alice MG. On her channel, she had  1.04 Million subscribers with a total of only 90 videos on the channel. She is not so continuous in YouTube content creation but she practices more to play competitive level games.

On her channel, she shares Pubg gameplay videos, daily life routines, and other game replays. She creates content with the Indonesian language and she specifically targets her country audience, but her followers are spread worldwide, so she gets engagement from all around the world.

She has not been active on her YouTube channel for a couple of months. Surprisingly, she had started a YouTube channel on Feb 1, 2016, but she is not so focused on YouTube.

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BTR Alice Boyfriend

BTR Alice does not work on YouTube content creation that much but she surely has other forms of her income. According to celeb, Alice Networth is around $61,576 – $124,538.


BTR Alice loves to play different games but also loves to enjoy her life more and more. She has an Instagram account in the name of “btr_alicee” on which she got 2.4 million followers with a total of 194 posts on her channel.

Also, her account is verified as she is recognized by the global audience very well.

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