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With a lifetime revenue of over 7 Billion USD, Player Unknown BattleGround is not only making a bank for itself but also for its community. Gamers all around the world are live-streaming and uploading their gameplays on their respective platforms to gain fame and make money. And one of these gaming geeks is an Indian player that is known by his PUBG gaming id is none other than LolzZz gaming.

Born in the state of Gujrat and now living in Mumbai, Yash Thacker is a 21-year-old gamer who has taken his name and PUBG id LolzZz gaming (526040141) at great heights. His gaming pattern and skills are absolutely tremendous and his statistics speak for it.

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LolzZz Gaming PUBG ID:

PUBG ID of LolzZz Gaming is 526040141.

PUBG ID LolzZz Gaming Statistics:


LolzZz Gaming Season 13

With a K/D ratio of 6.65 and 7770 kills (or finishes) in just 1169 squad games, the gamer has backed 382 wins in the 13th season itself. Yash has also finished 765 times in the Top 10 position along with his squad as shown in the above image.


LolzZz Gaming Season 14

With a K/D ratio of 7.56 and over 6391 kills (or finishes) in just 845 squad matches, the gamer outperformed himself and backed 455 wins in the 14th season itself. Yash has finished 779 times in the Top 10 position in the seasoned mentioned above as shown in the image.

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LolzZz Gaming Specifications:

He used OnePlus 9 Pro to play the game on a mobile-based platform. However, he uses a mobile emulator to play via the computer.

LolzZz Gaming Computer Specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 Processor
  • 1080 8 GB Graphing Processing Unit
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SSD

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The squad in conversation is BI also known as Beyond Infinity. The group is filled with glorified gamers and streamers. The BI has 6 members:

  1. BI Arthur (Hitesh Kohli)
  2. BI LolzZz (Yash Thacker) (Pubg id LolzZz gaming)
  3. Curlbury (Paridhi Jain)
  4. T 2 (Debjit Nath)
  5. Strange ( Ishant Behal)
  6. Fury Gaming

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The players are always pushing themselves towards greatness and achieving more.

LolzZz Gaming currently has a massive audience of more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 65,000+ followers on Instagram. He works with the management of “GodLike Esports.”

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