Tencent gaming buddy is the best pubg emulator and you might have often heard. It has been officially developed by Tencent for making pubg mobile accessible on PC. You might have already downloaded the game on your emulator and might be enjoying it. However, there are some features which have to be explored. There are some common problems that the users face in Tencent gaming buddy. For instance, there have been many queries related to opening browser in Tencent Gaming Buddy. People want to launch a browser on Tencent gaming buddy but they are unable to do so.

Tencent Gaming Buddy:

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy

You might have understood all the features of this pubg emulator by now. However, we have found out by a survey that most players are only acknowledged to playing pubg on the emulator. There a lot of other things that you can do on this Android emulator. You can browse the internet on the Tencent gaming buddy itself. However, this is not known by everyone because there is a specific set of instructions that has to be put in order to launch the browser. In this post, we have explained the steps to launch the browser on Tencent gaming buddy.

Is Tencent Buddy similar to other Android Emulators?

Uses of Pubg Emulator


There are a number of Android emulators available for Windows PC. Tencent buddy is relatively new. You might have heard of some popular names like BlueStacks and NOX player. They are typical Android emulators which are designed for running Android applications and games on PC. However, this is not similar to Tencent gaming buddy. The reason being that this pubg emulator has been specifically designed for running pubg. Besides, BlueStacks and NOX are not officially Endorsed by Tencent. Is there any real difference that you find on these Android emulators?

Well, the most common difference that you will find on the homepage of all these Android emulators and Tencent gaming is that a lot of applications and settings are displayed on BlueStacks and such third-party Android emulators. This is not at all similar to what you find on the homepage of pubg emulator. You will find pubg mobile directly on the homepage of this official emulator. Hence, most people think that this pubg emulator has been designed for this purpose only and no other features are active like other Android emulators. However, this is a misconception because pubg emulator is similar to any other Android emulator available on the internet. The only difference is the UI.

Can we Browse the Internet on Tencent Emulator?

Tencent Buddy VS other Android Emulators

Many people have a misconception that Tencent gaming emulator has been developed only for playing the game. However, this is completely false because it is similar to any other Android Emulator. And all other emulators allow the users to browse the internet using dedicated browsers. Similarly, you can browse the internet on Tencent pubg emulator by following the steps given below. It is very simple to do so. You can even install Google Chrome or any other browsers of your choice directly on the emulator.

Steps to Launch Browser on Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Launch Browser on Tencent Gaming Buddy

The homepage of the pubg emulator will not display the browser directly and some steps have to be followed in order to open the browser and search for anything that you want on the internet. It is completely possible to search for anything on pubg emulator. The reason being that it is completely similar to other android emulators. The only difference is the user interface.

  • Step 1: Open your PC and launch Tencent gaming buddy by double-tapping on the icon on the desktop.
  • Step 2: The game will be automatically launched and all you need to do is click on the cancel button are available on the right-hand bottom side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Now you will be taken to the homepage of the Emulator where you will find pubg mobile.
  • Step 4: Press F9 on the keyboard and you will find that the homepage icons will change. Settings, browser and all other necessary applications will be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 5: Tap on the browser directly and you will be taken to Google. Search for anything that you want on the internet. It is as simple as that to open and launch a browser on Tencent gaming pubg emulator.

And Here Comes the Full Ste-by-Step Video Guide on How you can Open Browser on Tencent Gaming Buddy:



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