In Pubg many types of players could be seen. Those who master snipers or those who have the best recoil control. There are many different kinds of different pro- players out there. Some are even good at hiding or in gamers’ language “Pro Camper”. So every normal player could also be pro at one skill or one fraction of the game. But those who can handle better all the things are called pros because you never know what is next waiting for you in the game, a camper, a sniper, or an assaulter? So you need to be ever-ready in the game.

Those who handle the things perfectly inside the game are called pro’s but those who handle things outside the game as well are called Super pros. Today we going to talk about this Superpro called 8Bit Goldy.

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8 BIT GOLDY PUBG ID and Other Details:



8 Bit Goldy’s real name is Lokesh Jain. He is known as the Elder brother of the whole mobile Gaming Community. He earned this title because he has started the Gaming wave in India and formed an eSports organization called 8 Bit with 8 Bit thug. Now, most of the community is thankful to him for his efforts and guidance.

He is also the caretaker of the gaming community. Whenever there occurs a tough situation between two Indian streams or gamers, goldy is always the first person to help and support and always gives honest judgment to the best of his knowledge.

Goldy belongs to a rich family. His father is a rich businessman and is at a very successful stage of his life. Goldy belongs to the state of Maharashtra and he lives in Mumbai. Goldy is no other than his father, he is also following the paths of his father and growing his fortune even more. That is why he invested in eSports and formed an organization called 8 Bit.

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We know that Lokesh Jain aka Goldy belongs to a Rich family but yet we still do not know the information about his family. He has not shared anything about it.


Lokesh Jain’s marital status is married but there is also no information shared about his wife. But once Goldy has shared her face while live streaming and she is a very shy type of girl as she was very much hesitating to be on camera.

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PUBG Settings:

Working as a businessman and entrepreneur, still 8bit Goldy manages time to play games and grow his YouTube channel and improvise his gaming skills.

Currently, he is mostly invested in the game called Valorant, but he also plays Pubg and uploads videos and livestreams too on his channel. His in-game name is “8bitgoldy” and his Pubg I’d is 5129256692. Goldy plays his Pubg games on his iPhone 12 Pro Max or in ROG 5 and his controls settings are 4 finger+Gyro.

Goldy has also participated in many international tournaments and also played very well in those tournaments.

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A successful businessman is a person who makes money while he sleeps and works for the continuous increment of the money. This defines Goldy very perfectly as being born into a rich family, he might not need to do anything but enjoy his life, but he decided not to waste his father’s hard-earned money and grow it more so Goldy diversified his income.

He has other sources of income as he manages his family business too but he also shares his gameplays on YouTube and is a famous YouTuber as well. This adds up to his fortune even more. The YouTube journey of Goldy started in Nov, 2013 but picked up the pace of the launch of Pubg in India. Currently, Goldy channel has 574k subscribers on his channel with a total of 337 videos active on his channel. He has also earned lifetime views of 67.4 Million.

Currently, Goldy shares Video highlights and Live streams of Valorant. He also shares Vlogs, BTS, roasting, and other gaming videos on YouTube. Goldy has supported Soul channel on his channel to increase its popularity even more.


The Networth information of 8 Bit Goldy is is not available on the internet, but when matching his YouTube account with a similar stats account, it is clear that Goldy’s monthly Income is around 2-3 lakhs from his channel.

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Being a self-sufficient man, Goldy needs to showcase his luxury lifestyle and there is no place better than Instagram on the planet. His insta handle is “8bit_goldy” and he got 413 k followers on his channel with a total of 140 posts.

Goldy shares his lavish life on Instagram and also the moments he loves to cherish. Goldy has also shared some daring images in which we could see him getting real close to tigers. Overall he is a gentle and sweet guy who always tries to do what is best for the whole community.

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