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Pubg developers team always tries to bring something new and creative into the game. They always try to bring something unique that no one has ever thought of before. Changes made to the game, make it very interesting and harder than before. Because players need to understand the changes made in the game and get a hold of it.

Changes made to the game are very easy to learn and fun to use, but to learn the mechanics takes some time. Some rememberable changes in the game are:

  1. Pharaoh floating-place
  2. Gaming zone fighting place
  3. The virtual world in the current update.

There are many more changes made to the game, but these are some out-of-the-box concepts that gamers liked. Our today’s topic is ATRO Gaming.

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ATRO Gaming Pubg ID and Other Detail:


ATRO Gaming

Atro gaming is the popular Gamer and famous Youtuber Gaming content creator. The real name of Atro gaming is not available on the internet. Atro place of birth is Iraq and currently, he is living in the Netherlands.

Atro birth date is not mentioned anywhere but approximately he is 26 years old. Atro is the top player of Pubg Mobile in the whole Arab. After Dynamo Gaming he is 2 of the most Famous Pubg players.

Atro plays Pubg mobile on Emulator. He is known for his legendary sniping skills. With a skill set of this level, he is often compared with Dynamo Gaming as he is also an Excellent sniper and known for his perfect Patt se headshot.

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Family information about Atro is not available on the internet.


The love and relationship of Atro Pubg are very hard to find as he has not shared even a single bit of information on the internet.

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PUBG Stats:

Game creator and content creator Atro is known around the world for his Pubg content. The world’s farthest reaches are home to his followers. He even got the most popularity from all the Pubg players. Moreover, he has the largest Pubg Mobile inventory in the world.

Atro Pubg I’d is 5587557062 and his clan name is ATR ATRO. ATR is one of the top famous clans of Arabs. Atro is an emulator player who plays Pubg Mobile on his PC. He is often compared to Hydra Dynamo because of his sniping skills and his immense popularity on YouTube.

When you are a Pro Gamer and Content creator, you are always compared with your competition. So in Gaming, there is competition inside and outside of the game every time, and you got to nail it.

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Atro is a very renowned personality of gaming. He is admired by all of his fans and they are highly supportive of his content. Atro has started his YouTube channel on 3 July 2017 and continuously worked hard for his YouTube journey and success. Atro’s YouTube channel is filled with subscribers and he has 12.1 million subscribers on his channel. This is way too much for anyone to gain through gaming.

Atro has a total of 1.39k videos on his channel on which he shares Pubg gameplays and creates openings. But he also shares fun activities like unboxing different items, showing his lifestyle, and many more cool activities on his channel.

And he creates his content for Arabic people as his content is in some Arabic language. So his main targeting audience is the people of Arab but his content gets high viewership from all around the World. He is also supported by his Arab fan following as most of the comments on his content are from the Native of Arab.

He shares a window of him playing the game with the actual game he is playing so that the audience could watch his reactions while playing.

These are the stats of Atro’s main account, now let’s take a peek at Atro’s second account which is “Atro Plus”.

On his channel Atro Plus, Atro shares videos of pUbg crate openings and other games like Fortnite. His second channel has 4.31 million subscribers with a total of 141 videos on the channel.

He has started this YouTube channel on 23 Jan 2019 and now his second channel is growing at a very drastic rate. But ATRO is not that consistent now on this page as the content is not fresh and he has not posted in the last 10 months.

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In Atro’s case, we’re only able to determine his Networth through a single channel. Currently, Atro has an estimated net worth of $50,584.


On Instagram, Atro is known as “atro55“. In addition to posts in his native language, he also shares a lot of content related to Pubg on his Instagram account. There are 1.4 million followers on his page and 196 posts on his wall to date.

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