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Pubg player’s traffic is humongous. There is an almost uncountable number of people playing Pubg from all around the world. And there are many more Pro heroes in the game than we can imagine. We only know those pro players who are popular by streaming or playing competitively. But they are not the only pros in the game.

Some pro players are very hidden and only play this game for their love, they either do not want that fame or they are not taking their fame work seriously. So we only know that Pubg is an ocean of players, but we are not aware of the depth of it.

So being a pro is not enough if you want to make a good career out of your gaming. You need to present your talent in front of a demanding audience, to get the rightful fame you deserve. Also, Pro players need some cool-looking names or nicknames, so they can stand out from the rest of the crowd.

When you do not need to tell your name to the people, then you become successful my friend. That is another reason why Pubg pros choose fancy names so that it gets stuck to the tongue of their audiences. Today we are going to talk about another pro who is having a much fancier name as his gaming name “Bandookbaaz”.

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Bandookbaaz Gaming Pubg ID and Other Details:


Bandookbaaz Gaming

The real name of Bandookbaaz is Indrajit Singh. Bandookbaaz Gaming aka Indrajit belongs to the birthplace of Lord Krishna “Mathura”, Uttarpradesh. His birth date is of 8 June 1998. Currently, he is 23 years old.  Bandookbaaz is a famous content creator of Pubg and also a Social Media Influencer.

He has achieved many milestones like the Silver play button and Golden play button from YouTube. He is also one of the top Youtubers of the Gaming community. Bandookbaaz lives his life on his demands only and his hobbies are traveling solo and with friends and enjoying playing games.

He is also an excellent student and currently pursuing college from Delhi University. He has completed his schooling in his hometown, Mathura.

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The family information of Bandookbaaz Gaming is not available on the internet. He also has not shared anything about his family. His parents were very supportive regarding his gaming career.


Bandookbaaz’s relationship status is Single. And there are no rumors in the air about his affairs or his love life.

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PUBG Settings:

In Pubg, Bandookbaaz is known for his extraordinary skills and handling of uncertain events. He started his Pubg gaming journey by playing his games on Emulator.

Bandookbaaz haters once trolled him for playing on iPad and not on phone stating, “If he will play from mobile, his Gameplay will be no more than a noob”. Then Bandookbaaz took this as a challenge and shocked every hater by showing his amazing gameplay on phone and by ranking in the top 10 Pubg players of India.

He also stole the limelight when the Gaming legend Mortal praised him for his gameplay, and after that, he received tonnes of engagement on his Content. His Pubg I’d is 514083312 and his avg  KD is 5. He plays for the clan Team IQ and he is also IGL of the team. His Pubg name is Bandookbaaz. He plays his games on iPhone 11 Pro Max and his gaming controls are set as Four Finger Claw settings.

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Bandookbaaz Joined YouTube on 28 Aug 2019. Since then he has achieved many feats and reached a count of 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube. The total videos he has uploaded till now is 795 videos which include Pubg games, vlogs, tips and tricks, and many other forms of content.

He gets an everyday viewers count of 150k+ on his videos and his total lifetime views on the channel is 266 Million views. He only concentrates on Pubg in terms of gaming on his main channel yet he also has another channel called BandookBaaz is life.

He started his second channel on 14 April 2020 and now he has reached the heights of 361k subscribers with just 22 videos on the channel. This is the power of being a famous YouTuber. In this channel, he has shared his gameplay videos and giveaways of RP.

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According to the stats by, the Net Worth of BandookBaaz is approx 10-15 lakhs from his channel. He also earns a secondary income from Brands, Super chats, and events.


Bandookbaaz is a great player but he is also very creative too. He loves to click his pics and edit them. He creates imaginary-style editing with a lot of hues. And he loves posting his art on Instagram and his Instagram handle is “bandookbaazritesh“. He has a total of 238 posts with a total of 357k followers on his Instagram.

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