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Pubg mobile is now on the list of top battle royale games on mobile. Due to this the user audience is very diversified in Pubg. Every category people are playing this game right now and almost all are crazy for this game.

In order to increase its brand value even further, Pubg developers must collaborate with the top brands and celebrities. Pubg has previously collaborated with Alan Walker, teamed up with Godzilla: King of the monsters, and partnered with Walking Dead.

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So, the aim of this is to give the existing audience something new and interesting so that they won’t get bored. Even the developers introduced Godzilla Outfit to make the theme even more relatable. And the audience actually enjoys these kinds of crossovers with different brands and personalities. “Black pink” is one of the top Korean pop star bands, so Pubg’s development team decided to collaborate with them. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa are the four members of this band.

Pubg mobile confirmed the collaboration was happening on Sept 17, 2020. Their Pubg IDs have been generated and the Black Pink fans, all around the world could watch them play Pubg with their revealed IDs.

BLACK PINK Pubg ID and Other Gaming Details:


A black pink is a group of 4 singers or a famous Girl-band of South Korea. It is owned by YG entertainment. This band is so famous worldwide because of their rap-singing style and their amazing looks on the set. Also, their video creativity is just too good and every video gets millions of likes in mere 1 or 2 days. Black pink is the highest-charting female Korean act on Billboard Hot 100. They have also owned the title of first Korean girl group to top the Billboards Emerging Artists.

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And like that, they have won many achievements on their band name. The girls of the band are individual singers too, they have also released their singles on the internet and those videos are viral too. Lisa, one of the members of Black pink has released her first-ever solo album ‘Lalisa’. Their music videos “kill this love” and “How you like that”, each has set the records for the most viewed music video within 24 hours of release.

PUBG Stats:

As Pubg mobile has collaborated with the top female band of Korea, they have introduced their song “Spark the Flame” on the gaming platform. It could be heard near the large statue on the spawn island as well as the tent locations on the map.

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With the collaboration, the Pubg development team also customized new parachute skin, new emotes, airdrop new designs, and much more on the game. All the fans of these k-pop idols could also listen to their song ‘Lovesick Girls’ in the game. Their revealed ID’s are:

  1. Rose – 51009801702
  2. Lisa – 51009791380
  3. Jennie – 51009797582
  4. Jisoo’s – 51009780171

Pubg official Twitter account also tweeted about the collaboration with Black pink saying ” BATTLEGROUNDS and @BLACKPINK! Jump into the game and check out the changes made to celebrate!”. This tweet was made on 5 Aug 2021.


These k-pop idols are very famous on YouTube. They got a serious fanbase, who are very deeply in love with the black pink and could do anything for them. The girls of Black pink has collaborated with Pubg and there are many videos of the two brands collaborating together on YouTube.

In one of those videos, Black Pink members can be seen playing Pubg though they are not professional at the game. But this is a collaboration guy and the Black pink members actually loved playing this game. They could be seen playing with some other famous Korean individuals. There are many other Pubg animated videos showing Pubg characters dancing in their song “how you like that”. And you can find many more videos related to Pubg and Black pink collaboration.

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And just for your information, the Black pink channel on YouTube consists of 395 videos of Black pink songs and BTS of their song practices and fun activities. The number of subscribers on the Black pink channel is  71.1 million with a total of 21.9 Billion lifetime views on their channel.


The net worth of Black pink member Lisa is $10  million which is the highest in the group. While other members Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose have an equal net worth of $9 Million each. This is only their one source of income. The promotions, publicities, branding, and collaborations make them tonnes more money every year.


As the Girls k-pop group is too much famous, they need to indulge with their audience in every platform of social media. So, Black pink has an active Instagram account, which is verified by Instagram. On their Instagram account, there are 1,305 posts on their wall and a total of 44.5 million subscribers on their account. The account name is “blackpinkofficial“.

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They also have an active Facebook account as well to get more reach via social media. On the FB page, the Black pink team updates the daily activities and the daily achievements of the band. They have a total of 17,862,080 followers on their Facebook page. The name of their Facebook page is “BLACKPINK”.

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