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Most of the Pubg pros and YouTubers are very young. They started working on their content at the earliest. And achieved the feat of success after a lot of consistent hard work. The content creators spend a lot of time on their research, creativity, and marketing their content. In this article, we will know the PUBG Stats of Casetoo like his Pubg ID, K/D Ratio, PC Setup, and a lot more.

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Casetoo Pubg ID and Other Stats:


Casetoo is another Pubg content creator and is the youngest creator of India. His real name is Aditya Sharma and he is just 20 years old. There are many more younger content creators in India but he is the famous Gaming content creator in India.


Casetoo is a professional Pubg player and another Pubg pro player. Casetoo is the name of the YouTube channel, the name of the person behind this channel is Aditya Sharma.

Aditya Sharma’s birth date is 12 January 2002.

Casetoo is an Indian pro gamer who belongs to the state of Uttarakhand and his complete address is unknown. He is a Youtuber, gamer, and Influencer by profession. He spends most of his time on gaming but rather than gaming he prefers traveling and working as a commentator as his hobby.

Casetoo has never shared his face on YouTube screen however he has shared his identity through photos on Instagram.

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PUBG Stats:

Casetoo is a Pubg pro player and a gaming athlete. He is not joined by any of the crew in Pubg. He plays Battlegrounds Mobile India and his I’d number is 5108853226. He has joined a squad named Elite Squad. The device used in the killing of many players inside the game is an iPad and he plays with the settings of 4 finger claw on the iPad. His Pubg username is ES CASETOO.

Earlier Casetoo used to play in the most famous team of India “Soul”, which is guided by the leader “Soul Mortal”. So you can imagine the level of skills and gameplay Casetoo showcases in his videos. He is a Pubg pro and a competitive player.

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Regardless of being a famous YouTuber and gamer, there is no information about the Casetoo family or siblings available on the Internet. He has never shared their information on any of the platforms.


Casetoo is one of the famous names of YouTube content creators and he started his YouTube journey in 2016. From that time he worked hard on his YouTube channel, tried upgrading his skills, and tried to be continuous on his YouTube channel. Currently, his YouTube channel has a subscriber base of 2.72 million subscribers with a total of 1140 videos on the channel.

Casetoo posts his video content in Hindi with a great twist to it. He mimics different voices and sounds to look funnier in his channel and attract his audience with something creative and unique. His control over the audience is so great that he has recently shared his content around 10 hours ago and got an engagement of around 120k people viewership.

Though he has never shared his face on YouTube, still got so great responses to his channel. This is because of the level of dedication and hard work he has put inside the game and on his channel to make him more successful.

He has also played with another content creator kinganbru and shared some of his gameplay with him on his channel. In these videos, they both created havoc inside the game and killed people literally on sight.

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Though the net income of casetoo is not clear. On an estimate, he gets around 1.5k-2k dollars per video he posts and he also earns through affiliate marketing also. Through affiliate marketing, he shares the link of the product from different sites and earns commission through the purchases made.

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Mostly Everyone nowadays uses social media to share their life or to get a rest from their life and see what is happening with others in the world. Casetoo also has an account on Instagram.

His Instagram I’d is “casetooyt”. He also shares reels, personal photos, and of course Pubg game snippets. He also has good domination on Instagram with 255k followers on his profile and 1061 post currently active on his profile.

Casetoo also has a Facebook page but he is not that active on Facebook and has a very less amount audience because of low content.

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