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Player Unknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG desires to serve the game as real as possible. The game has some in-app purchases that in no shape or form create any imbalances for the players. And for this very reason, the game bans almost 100,000 players every day that tries to cheat or externally modify the game. That is why the gaming community appreciates the developers. Speaking of the PUBG has a pretty strong one in India and such member of this community is Eagle Ron (PUBG ID:  5102099001).

At this time, the World is having a wave of content creation. Millions of different content are being posted in a second on the internet, which is making it tougher to create content. That is why there is a need for something extra in the ordinary to make it extraordinary and unique. The Indian content creators are a master of this, they use different tactics to make their content look unique. One such content creator is Ron Gaming.

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Born in Gandhinagar, Gujrat, Eagle Ron is actually Ronak Makhodia. Although his real age remains unknown his abilities and skills as a full-time gamer and creator do not. His gameplay and pattern have earned him his name on the pedestal. Let’s look at his statistics and see if he has what it takes.

Eagle Ron’s PUBG and other Details:


Ron or Eagle Ron is a popular Pubg player and a content creator. His real name is Ronak Makhodia. Ron’s birthplace is Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He is an Indian Pubg player who plays Pubg mobile on Emulator. His business email id is “”.

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Season 14 (ongoing):

Ron Gaming Season 14

With a K/D ratio of 3.86, the Pubg gamer Ron backed 1338 kills in the 347 squad matches that he played. He also worked and managed to get into the Top 10 positions over 307 times. With over 341 headshots in total, the gamer is surely exceptional.

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Eagle Ron has also climbed his way up to the Ace Tier in the squad multiplayer combat.

Although he does not use mobile for the mobile-based game, he prefers to use an emulator on his computer instead. His computer specs are

  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 CL14
  • Processor : 3950x

Eagle Ron also has a massive audience of over 4 million, who watches his gameplays and live streams. He also has another channel with more than 1 million subscribers where he uploads similar videos. As an influencer on Instagram, he has 158,000 followers.


Ron is a professional level Pubg player and creates daily content based on Pubg. Ron’s Pubg I’d is 5102099001 and his Pubg Alias is “Eagle Ron”. He is the leader of the Eagle Clan of Pubg.

He shares videos of Pubg along with other games like Fall Flat, Sea of Thieves, and others. His channel name is “Ron Gaming”. He got 4.45 million subscribers on his channel and 1.31k videos active on his channel. He creates his content in Hindi and his main target audience is the Indian Audience. His daily views count is greater than 220k views and his lifetime views are 1.27 Billion views.

He started his YouTube channel on 26 July 2016 but actively working on it since mid-2018. Eagle Ron is such a pro player that even Panda has made a reaction video on his gameplay and the reaction that panda shared is worth Ron’s skill level. Ron always tries to be consistent on his channel and every day works hard for his content.

According to, the net worth of Ron Gaming is $889,000 as of January 2022.

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The Instagram handle of Ron is ron_gaming and he got 157k followers on Instagram with a total of 118 posts on his Instagram. Ron has not shared any photo of him on Instagram rather shared snippets of different games he loves to play and enjoy.

Pubg Gamer Ron’s Social Media Heads:

  • YouTube – Ron Gaming and Ron Gaming Videos
  • Instagram – _ron_gaming_

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