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The gaming community is growing every day, more and more smart and awesome players are getting noticed by the world and are getting famous for their skills and games. The pro gamers of Pubg are teaching the new joiners of  Pubg, how to play like a pro and what it needs to be a pro in the super-competitive game.

They always share their tips and tricks, secret tactics to claim victory most of the time. Many foreign players share this kind of information, but there are Indian pros also, who share important knowledge about Pubg and growth hacks in Pubg. One such content creator is Mr. Conqueror.

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Mr. Conqueror Pubg ID and Other Gaming Stats:


Mr conqueror is a player which is very famous in India for his dominant and inspiring gameplay. The real name of Mr. Conqueror is Madan. His full name is Madan Kumar Manickam. He is also known as Madan OP. He is a player with a lot of consistency and hard work. He almost daily uploads his videos on his YouTube channel. Every other pro knows Mr. Conqueror and he has good bonding with other Indian pros.

Mr. Conqueror

Mr. Conqueror is a famous Youtuber and Pubg content creator of India. He lives in an Indian state called Tamil Nadu. The reason behind the Conqueror name is that he has been Conqueror for three consecutive years. He is season 17, season 18, and season 19 Conqueror. He is the first Indian to push to Conqueror rank in solo, duo, and squad mode each for 2 times. The gamer is still young with the age of 21, his year 1999.

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The family information of the Conqueror is very hard to find, harder than stealing his position from the Conqueror list.


The Conqueror or Madan is Married. His wife’s name is Kiruthika Madan. Kruthika was also a Famous Youtuber and Social media Influencer.

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Mr Conqueror PUBG Details:

The Pubg skills of Madan are super awesome, people are mad about his skills and his game. Madan has also been Asia’s number 1 player and the highest-ranked player in Pubg mobile.  He is an all-time conqueror from season 2 to season 14. He is every time in the top ten list. By these stats, you can understand the level of this player. Mr. Conqueror Pubg I’d is 51013737408.

Madan plays Pubg on his device iPhone 6 and his iPad sometimes. He plays with a setting of 4 fingers + gyro. He plays Pubg around 12 hours a day and he is so much invested in this game that he likes doing nothing but PUBG. Madan got highlighted from his Pubg live streams on YouTube.

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Madan or Mr Conqueror started his YouTube journey in March 2019. He streamed battle royale games on his YouTube channel almost regularly. The total number of subs he gathered after 1 year was about 528k and he has shared around 353 videos on his channel.

But there was some controversy with his channel. Madan’s channel got blocked from YouTube due to some allegations on his channel and his channel is permanently deleted from YouTube.

Now there is one channel named Mr. Conqueror on YouTube, which does not have many audiences in it and there are a total of 101 videos with no subscribers on the channel.

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The net worth information of Madan op is not updated. There are no approximations made on his YouTube channel earnings or from his other source of earnings. But being a famous Youtuber, his pay range is around 2-3 lakhs lowest approximations.


Madan had an Instagram account but due to tragedy, it might be banned. There were around 177 k followers on Madan Instagram account.

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