Pubg 1.8 White Body Config File Download

In every Battel royal game on every update, we got some new stuff to try and a new map to explore which makes the game exciting to play. But at the same time in every update, we got some exploits as well which makes the game a bit annoying. In the new update of Pubg 1.8, there is a new hack as the white body by which you can easily win the game.

For the PUBG player, 2022 is going pretty good so far as the PC Version of PUGB has been announced as free to play and you can easily download it from steam.

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What is the Pubg White Body Config File 1.8?

Configuration file or in short config file usually used to contain the data of an application or a game and it is also used to change the settings which can not be possible to change it from in-game settings. White body is a new exploit or hack in Pubg which is used by players to manipulate the game. By simply adding the configuration file you can able to manipulate the game data and make the character looks invisible to another player in the match by using the hack, you can also easily spot the enemy as they look white due to the hack and the player can easily finish the other team and win the game.

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Is it Safe to Use a White Body Hack?

No, it is not safe to use the hack as it might ban your account by Krafton temporarily or they might ban your account permanently. Krafton never allows players to manipulate the game date to make changes if you want to change something you can join the team Krafton. Pubg or any other game never provides players permission to change the config file as well.

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What Includes in the White Hack?

In the white body hack, you are invisible to the other players and you can also spot the player as the color of other players are white.

The no grass config helps the enemy team to easily spot as the hack only works for you and the grass is invisible and another player will still can she the grass.

Less smoke screen helps easily spot the enemy and less recoil help in shooting the player easily.

As it promises anti ban and safe main account we always suggest players if they wanted to try the exploit always use it in the guest account or third party account because there is always a risk of losing the main account.

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What is New in Pubg 1.8 Update?

  • There is a new remodeled classic map of Livik called Livik aftermath which looks like a map after the eruption of a volcano and some of the parts of the map have completely changed.
  • The Recoll tower has been added which is used to revive the teammate which is dead in the middle of a game, player has to find the Recoll tower and can easily recall the dead teammate. This is a newly added feature that is used in Apex legend and Fortnight game as well.
  • There was a new Spider-Man event also launched at the time of the new update which lasts until 14th February, in which you can use the item spider web ball by which you can move faster by using the web.

In every update, the developer improves the game by fixing some of the bugs which came with the last update and also tweaking some of the weapons to balance the game.

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How to Download the Pubg White Body Config File?

We never promote the exploits of any game and this is only for education purposes, still, if you want to try the White body hack you can easily find the file on the internet as it is very popular right now.

You have to add the main file in OBB and then start the game, in some android devices the configuration file is not working in case the game start but in the lobby, the game is not playable due to the whiting change the brightness level from the lobby until the game looks like a playable one.

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