Free BGMI UC From Razer Gold

BGMI or Battle Grounds Mobile India is the Indian version of Pubg Global Mobile. BGMI is being played by a lot of players every day and most of the people are spending their time and money on the game to make their skills and impression better in the game.

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BGMI has a lot of achievement in-game rewards and items which are free to use and can be achieved without paying a single penny. But these rewards are just for normal people who love to play the game for fun only. There is a cave of Rewards and exclusive items in the BGMI store which gets updated from time to time. The rewards are changed according to the theme of the game and it is based on seasons. Reward items include skins of different things like backpacks, vehicles, guns, and other accessories. And pro players are dying to collect all these exclusive costumes and skins available in the game.

To buy the skins, players need to spend UC, which is the in-game currency. Pro players spend thousands of UCs to collect the rarest items in the game and spend it on the crate openings. But these crate openings are actually very expensive and not made for every player playing the game because it requires a lot of UC to open a single crate and there is no guaranteed reward also.

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Is there a way to get free UC?

BGMI UC From Razer Gold

Many people on the internet are looking for ways to get free UC but there are not so many legit ways of doing that. So let’s check what is the way to get free UC for BGMI.

There is a way to get free UC in the game with the help of Razer Gold. Razer Gold is a site that offers the service of Purchasing In-game coins for many different games. Let’s see how to get free UC from Razer Gold?

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What is Razer Gold?

Razer Gold is a platform to buy different in-game currencies with the help of online transactions. Razor Gold is not the official site that is supported by Krafton just like Midasbuy but it is a very popular site and many people have completed purchases on it before. And according to the user experiences, it is a genuine and trusted site. The monthly visitors and users of this site are in millions.

Buying UC from Razer Gold is a piece of cake, the interface is very user friendly and easy to use and the steps to buy UC are very systematic.

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But Razor Gold website doesn’t allow users to buy UC for BGMI as the site is not available for the India region. But we have found a solution to that problem also and let’s break the solution into step by step manner:

  1. Download and open any VPN of your choice and connect it to the ‘Singapore’ location.
  2. Visit the website of Razor Gold and log into your account.
  3. Click on your profile and click on the Redeem button available.
  4. As soon as you do this, you will see many things that can be purchased with Razod Gold coins on your screen.
  5. Please scroll down and choose the appropriate UC pack for the number of tokens you have. (You can earn tokens by downloading the ‘Razer Cortex Games application and completing tasks.)
  6. When selected, click on Done.
  7. OTP will be sent to your email and you need to fill up the OTP.
  8. Then open up your mail and copy the voucher code given.
  9. Now go to the Midasbuy website and click on the BGMI symbol.
  10. Choose the Purchase option.
  11. Fill up your BGMI account I’d.
  12. Tap on the Razor Gold icon and then click on Redeem option.
  13. You need to log in to your Midasbuy account and paste the voucher code you received in your email.
  14. Click on ‘OK’ and then ‘Submit’.
  15. Now the amount of UC selected will be disposited in your account.

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These are the simple steps that you need to follow to get Free UC from Razor Gold. As the Razor Gold website does not support the Indian server and BGMI application, you will not be able to directly do this process without the use of a VPN. You can choose the VPN of your choice to get free UC.

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