How To Use The Zipline 3 Times in Classic Mode

BGMI’s new Royal Pass M7 has started and people were eagerly awaiting for this Royal Pass. As the M7 Royal Pass launched, it includes many missions with it that players have to complete. These RP missions will help them gain RP faster after completing those missions. There are many confusing missions in the M7 Royal pass but the most confusing RP Mission is “How To Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times RP Mission In BGMI?”

If you’ve upgraded your BGMI to the newest release and are still having trouble completing the Use the Zipline 3 Times task, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Allow me to explain the entire thing in detail for you so you can better understand the mission and with the help of this guide, you will be able to do it very easily.

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In Unranked Match, you can only find the Zipline in the Aftermath mode. On January 18, the M7 Royale Pass went live. On February 18, the M7 Royale Pass will expire. M8 Royale Pass will be released on February 18th, the same day as the M8 Royale Pass.

The M7 Royal Pass has already started its first week of operation. All of the Royale Pass objectives are being worked on by the players. Any players who have purchased RP three times in a row are also eligible for the week-2 Royale Pass objectives.

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How To Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times RP Mission In BGMI?

Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times RP Mission

Players must play Aftermath Mode in Unranked Match to complete this RP Mission. Players simply need to walk to the Zipline on the map and jump near it to start the game. Players can now only utilize the zipline 5 times nonstop in a single match. And you’ll be able to finish the assignment in just one match.

As a result, there have been certain changes to the Royal Pass objectives for the first time. There were previously options for several Royal Pass missions. But, whether they like it or not, gamers now have to complete all of the assignments. Furthermore, if you play with a friend that has RP, you will both be counted.

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To earn Bonus RP points, we recommend that you perform the special missions with only friends who have purchased the Royal Pass. Additionally, completing some tasks with RP-accredited pals will earn you additional RP points. We recommend playing solo or in a duo on the Livik map to complete this objective swiftly.

By following this method you will be able to do the Royal Pass mission: “How To Complete Use The Zipline 3 Times RP Mission In BGMI” very easily. The whole guide has been made in simple and easy language in order to be easily understandable to the readers.

This is the Week 2 first mission let’s now look out at what other mission has to offer in Week 2.

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Royal pass Missions Week 2:

  • Mission 9 – Use the Zipline 3 times in Classic Mode – Aftermath
  • Mission 10 – Win 20 times in Arena Mode
  • Mission 11- Complete 7 matches with friends in Arena Mode
  • Mission 12 – Give 14 Likes to a teammate.

The remaining week 2 missions are very simple, in Mission 9 players have to use the Zipline 3 times in the Aftermath mode. Then in Mission 10, players have to win 20 times in Arena Mode. Mission 11 is also fun as you have to complete 7 matches with your buddies in Arena mode and lastly Mission 12 is to give 14 likes to a teammate.

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BGMI other updates:

In the BGMI 1.8 Update, Marvel Studios has teamed up with Krafton. The new Spiderman Mode in BGMI is now available as of January 14th. So far this year, we’ve seen some of the best Login Events in BGMI in the game.

The new upgrade in BGMI is bringing a lot of delight to the players. Marvel Studios’ cooperation is coming together beautifully. Furthermore, many BGMI players are curious about the BGMI RP Mission: Use the Zipline 3 Times in Classic Mode.

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