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After the band of PUBG mobile in India by the government of India Krafton developers have released the Indian version of PUBG called battleground mobile India. This is very much similar to PUBG but it does a few changes. The MERIT point system is also what he got with itself. To keep the game fair merit point of a hundred is granted to every player without performing any illegal unfair activities. Sometimes it might even vary depending upon the player’s activities and his performance because it is hard to monitor millions of accounts individually.

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To enter the multiplayer mode the players need to maintain a level of merit points. Each player has their own Merit points that they can easily see in their profile. Merit point is a skill for the players to gain by playing a match as it depends upon the performance. This Merit points can be reduced or deducted automatically depending upon the player’s performance.


  • If a player has a hundred Merit points his BP limit is increased by 200.
  • If a player has 80 to 99 Merit points that’s good merit.
  • If a player has 60 to 79 merit points then he cannot play ranked matches and his BP and EXPearning will be reduced by 50%
  • If a player has 20 to 59 merit points then he cannot play ranked matches like classic and arena and his BP & EXP earnings will be reduced by 70%
  • If a player has 0 to 19 merit points then he can only play the VSEI mood and his EXP and BP earning will be reduced by 90%

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To check the merit points a player needs to follow the following steps:

  1. First, he needs to open the game and click on the profile.
  2. Second, on the right side of the screen, he needs to click on the tire Overview tab.
  3. Lastly, he will be able to see the merit points at the bottom of the screen.

Even other players or anyone’s merit score can be visible by visiting their BGMI profile. It can be any random player or a player from their own friend list.

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Increasing the merit point is not a difficult task but players need to spend their time playing the game and improve their performance. There are many ways a player can increase his Merit points. The player can only achieve a maximum of hundred points and a minimum of 60. If a player has less than 60 points then he can only play solo mode as only those who have more than 60 points can enter the dou and squad games. So a solo performance matters.

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Talking about the merit points following are a few guidelines that a player must remember:

  • Players should play Solo classic matches and earn points.
  • The top 10 players in a game will win three points per game.
  • The top 11 to 50 players in a game will get 2 points.
  • The top 51 to 100 players in a game get only 1 point.

To maintain a good merit point the player should always remember not to play the game unfairly.


There are many reasons why the merit points not increasing or it is getting deducted:

  • If a player is using violating language that is insulting others.
  • If the players are spreading information on how to break the rules or any illegal information.
  • If a player is grieving teammates by intentionally idling or leaving the team while on spawn island or leaving a match in this case the merit points will be deducted.
  • If a player attacks their own teammates by the use of grenades or cocktails, vehicles, etc. firstly only 10 merit points will be lost but if this happens again then 15 merit points will be lost.
  • If the players are teaming up with the other teammates or cheating on their own teammates. This can cause a ban or rank removal.
  • If the players are using any third-party tool to play this game unfair, can cause a ban or rank removal.
  • If the player refused to cooperate with the other teammates.

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