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Gamers are always passionate about their gaming, and they always try their level best to stand apart from the rest of the gamers. To stand apart from the other gamers, the first thing you need is skills that will secure your place among the pros and the next thing that makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd is your outfit. There are some signature outfits in different games that are associated with some pro players. Some special outfits could be a choice of Pro-Players or their lucky charm or anything special to them and in that way, it gets associated with the person.

In games, outfits are a part of being a pro gamer. If you are a pro player then you also want some of the coolest designs and outfits in the game. BGMI, the Indian choice of Battle Royale game have a lot of great outfit collection. BGMI releases new bundles on the updates which are based on a seasonal theme.

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Some outfits are cheaper than the others and it is not necessary that if an outfit in BGMI is expensive, it will be good too. There are so many choices of outfits in BGMI to choose from and not every outfit is worthy of your money. The outfits in BGMI come in a complete set and with that, there are also other items attached to it which makes these sets even more enjoyable.

But in my opinion, buying these sets, outfits or other skins in the game are only better for someone who is earning from the platform, or is from a very rich background or a very very passionate gamer. If you fall into either of these three categories, then it is absolutely okay to buy whatever you want inside the game. But if you are a regular gamer or the person who just loves playing games for fun and timepass, then I must advise you to not waste your money on Gaming, because it will only be a waste of money, not an investment of money. To counter the outfit problem for regular gamers, BGMI has free outfit sets and lucky crates so that they can get cool outfits too and that is for free itself. And to get some other premium items, then there are many different crate openings with the help on VPN which are available on the internet. Regular players can watch the tutorials and can get exclusive outfits with the help of a VPN.

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The easy thing is that if you are gaining the worth with your money, then it is okay to purchase items in games but if it is only for show-off then you will not get the inner satisfaction from the purchase.

What is Ninja Dancer Set?

The new bundles, clothes, and treasure boxes in BGMI are all well known. The Hip-hop Package, which includes the Ninja Dancer Set and Neko Sakura Pan, is a new addition to the marketplace. The aforementioned package costs 420 UC (in-game currency) and is available to all players.

Isn’t it too pricey? Don’t worry, the package is also on mega sale, with a great discount of 85% off. As a result, you can get your desired set or attire for only 340 UC. The offer will end on February 28, 2022, so take advantage of the best deal while you can!

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How to Purchase Ninja Dancer Set In BGMI?

  1. Open BGMI on your mobile.
  2. Head over to the In-game shop.
  3. In the treasure tab, find the Hip-Hop package.
  4. Now complete the payment by clicking on the 340 UC button on your screen.
  5. Confirm the purchase by clicking on the Purchase button, then Ninja Dancer Set and Neko Sakura Pan will be unlocked for you.
  6. The items in the Hip Hop package are for a lifetime and can be used forever in BGMI.

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BGMI Ninja Dancer Set worth the Money?

The Ninja Dancer set is something normal kind of set in BGMI, it is not something out of the box or something very appealing according to me and Sakura Pan also has a subtle kind of look and decent coloring. I do not actually think it is worth the money, but this is my own thoughts, maybe you have a different opinion and liked the set a lot. It’s totally your call to purchase the set. Buy it before the sale ends at a discounted price.

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