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Battleground India mobile was first released by Krafton on 2 July 2021 after the band of PUBG. This Battle Royale esports game gained a lot of attention. With its success recently it even updated a new version 1.9 version and in this new version, the Lamborghini car was also added.

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Update has brought many new modes, events, features, cosmetics and even items in the game to refresh and improve the whole game experience for the players. Players from Different parts of the country are even enjoying the new update. Kafton has introduced a new event that celebrates the collaboration of battleground mobile India with the automobile Lamborghini. While in the last update Tulsa car was updated, now it’s a new update of the 1.09 Lamborghini car has also been updated and added to the list of vehicles. With the addition of the Lamborghini car even new skins for the Lamborghini car have been added Earlier Tulsa, Mustang GT and Koenigsegg were already popular. Even new maps, a new building, and a Lift can also be seen. Not only that but face customization, self revival, mini Mac tools, and a new 2 x 2 map holiday island has also been updated.


Lamborghini has arrived in battleground mobile India for the players to obtain supercar skin and to improve.  In the game inventory, the skins are available in the speed drift event which is scheduled to be continued to April 30.

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Vehicles come in different colors and types and different vehicles have different designs in the game. The skin can be redeemed by the players by using lucky metals by spending UC. To get the lucky metal players to need to click on the accelerate button and Spin. As it is to chance of luck to get a skin. To get the skin of a Lamborghini the players can spend a huge amount of money. They can even give it to in-game friends if they have extra as a gift.


There is no such code for Lamborghini but players can try this code for Lamborghini Skin – TX9HT6TGRS2. Players can get you to use the skin code by following the steps

  1. Go to the official web and go redeem section.
  2. Now input your character ID and the above Code.
  3. Open BGMI And check the skin.

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As we know with an update Lamborghini car and its skin of them have been included. Usually, players cannot get it for free and they need to spend UC to buy the skin even many players have thousands of rupees to get the skin but players can actually get it for free. Players have to go inside the royal pass where they can see that the royal pass for the first month which will be ending on April 19 is already running and on the 20th of April the second pass of the season launched.

Players should have around 1000 to 2000 UC in their account. After that players have the RP activity pack they have to go on purchase this. A player can purchase five times in a month and by purchasing they will get a card from which they can buy skin.

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There is no exact way for the success of the result of spin but players can try their luck using lucky medals to redeem Lamborghini finishes. Each color can only be redeemed once. To gift the Lamborghini finish to a friend to play he should have an extra Lamborghini finish before gifting but if a friend already owns a finish then the gift won’t be sent.

If a player is not able to get Lamborghini skin and wants to use the lucky voucher then he can get it by clicking on the redeem button in the speed drift event. A lucky voucher of 1500 reward players can redeem lucky metal and a Lamborghini. Lucky voucher of one the player can redeem Grafitti Lamborghini URUS or Graffiti Lamborghini ESTOQUEOS or graffiti Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. There is no such freeway to get a Lamborghini skin but if any of the in-game friends of a player have one lucky metal Lamborghini and unlock the skin then they have an option to gift the Lamborghini skin in this way they can get a Lamborghini skin for free.

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  1. Aventador SVJColorsVerde Alceo, Blue
  2. EstoqueColorsMetal Grey, Oro
  3. URUSColorsGiallo Inti, Pink

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