BGMI Version 2.0 Beta

After PUBG got banned in India, Krafton Company announced the Indian version of PUBG known as BGMI which is battleground Mobile India. It was officially launched in India for android versions on 2 July 2021. In India, it gain a lot of popularity and within a period of a week, it again had approximately 10, million-plus downloads. BGMI 2.0 beta is an amazing adaptation of the original Players unknown battleground. The main difference between the official version and the beta version is that you can get a sneak peek of the game’s latest version before anyone and it becomes official. The only disadvantage is that sacrifices a certain level of stability which was obviously expected. You can enjoy playing it for hours in several different modes which are usually not have been able to reach a stable version.

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BGMI 2.0 Beta Features:

It is the public beta for BGMI Mobile. This is a trying rendition of the game. In this game, the participant in 100 person battle Royale play against other online players, and only one player can be left standing at the end of the game who will be the winner. In order to play the participant needs to move around each setting to gather the resources, you need to win that even including the weapons and much more. As the game is going on the map gets smaller and smaller with each passing minute.

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In this PUBG 2.0 beta version, the players can find many additional modes including a four-on-four team match, a mode where you fight against zombies, and a mode that’s all about driving different vehicles. Obviously, all these modes are first available are the BGMI beta version.

Not only this the players can even customize the level of graphic details by just going to the setting menu in this they can adjust that experience the best fit according to the smartphone’s capabilities and the requirements. The players can even customize the controls when they’re driving or hiking around on foot. There are many more features like all the players can now also live chat with their co-players in the game by using the team option.

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As Krafton Is going to celebrate its first anniversary a lot of new changes and advancements have been made. Not only above mention features but even its lobby has been updated and is no more interesting. Even though there is a modification in the map like Livik 2.0 map is included, trees now have also been modified and modified houses, a new type of vehicle, and field textures. In the Livik 2.0 map, a new type of vehicle has been included which is the rarest of vehicles on the map and is a 4 seated vehicle that sounds like Uaz.

BGMI 2.0 Beta Details:

As we all know that finally the BGMI beta 2.0 version is out and the wait is now over. Many fans of BGMI were desperately waiting for the 2.0 version after the last 1.9.3 version. On April 4, 2022, finally, the wait was over as Krafton finally launched the BGMI BETA 2.0 version of the BGMI.

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How to Download the Updated Version of BGMI 2.0 Beta?

To download the BGMI BETA 2.0 version there are many APKs available online. Players can download it through many apps or they can even download the new version by going on Google Chrome. Players just need to search the app’s name on Google Chrome and then click the official website for it and download it. Once it is downloaded they can find the app on the gadget and tap on it to play. If the player is an android user then they can download an APK document but for that, they need to go to settings > apps and notice> special application access > install obscure applications. They need to follow all the steps only after that they will they be able to download the application. Once all the process is completed they can play without any problem as this PUBG 2.0 beta version will be available on their Gadget.

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Sometimes it even happens that there is some issue while downloading the APK, in that case, they can try any other website because sometimes while downloading bugs occur. Or they can simply again follow the downloading process and play the game without any problem.

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