BGMI Get Banned in India

While some people were celebrating Valentine’s day, a lot of people lost one of their favorite applications as on 14th February Indian government again banned some of the applications in which Free fire is also one of the games. Most of the apps which are banned on 14th February 2022 are somewhat similar or clones of the application, which was banned two years ago in June 2020.

In the past two years, the Indian government also shocked players after announcing the ban of PUBG, after the recent ban of free fire players have doubts again whether BGMI will also get banned or not.

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Why does the Indian Government keep Banning Applications?

Indian Govt Banned Games

Around 280+ application has been banned by the Indian government so far under section 69 of the IT Act in the past few years. There are some rules and laws made by the Indian government under the Information technology Act in which companies have to follow those rules to protect the personal details of the citizen that prevent personal data of the Indian citizen to get leaked. Every two months, government checks whether the companies are following those rules or not if they are not, then they remind the companies about the mistakes, if still it is not followed by them, they might not able to step foot in the Indian market.

  • Due to Indian government dispute with other countries government also causes this kind of problem, Like most of the applications which are banned, is due to India and Chinese dispute which Poses a threat to Indian security.

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BGMI is next on the List of bans or not?

BGMI stands for Battlegrounds Mobile India is a new version of PUBG, which is launched after the ban of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in short PUBG. After the ban of PUBG two years ago it took around a year to launch BGMI.

  • PUBG learned from the mistakes and do a lot of research and changes before launching the game in India again. So, the answer to this question is NO.

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Some of the Changes done in BGMI at the time of Launch?

BGMI is also one of the PUBG versions which is only available for Indian players. BGMI was released on 2 July 2021 and it come up with some of the changes which were not available in the PUBG.

  • BGMI introduced a Gameplay Management System which is helpful for young players who are under the age of 18. This system help player to get reminding about healthy gaming criteria and what to do while playing and many more notifications related to it.
  • Now if you shoot any players the color is shown is red but not anymore now there are green colors and some other colors but not red as red color shows aggression.

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The reason why BGMI is not getting Banned pretty soon?

PUBG mobile was developed by Tencent gaming and it is originally released in China first and after it got popular, it releases worldwide. India ban PUBG as the Indian government wanted the servers to be in India due to security threats. After the PUBG ban in India, the Krafton game union cut ties with Tencent and relaunch the game in the Indian market which is known as Battlegrounds Mobile India in short BGMI and now there is no connection between them.

PUBG got banned by the Indian government under section 69 of the IT Act as the servers of the game were in china at that time but in the case of BGMI, the server is available in India now, as the main reason India wanted PUBG to store the game date in India. The only drawback of this is that Indian players can not able to play the game with other countries and it is only limited to India.

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  • Just like PUBG, free fire is also trying to come back into the market and we might hear some good news. If the game was already installed on your mobile then you can still enjoy it as it is still playable but from the play store, the game has been removed.
  • The new game Apex Legend is also planning to launch, game on the android platform and we suggest the player wait and hold down a bit as there are many more Battel Royal games about to be launched.

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