BMOC Schedule, Match Date, Registration, Format, Teams, Prize Pool

In recent times Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge was able to gain a lot of attention towards it. Even the BGMI community was buzzing a lot about it. The BMOC season starts the 2022 battlegrounds mobile season. After a long wait, the registration for this started where teams could register to participate in the competition, and after the closing of the registration period a series of open online qualifiers was to be held from April 4 to April 10. The battleground mobile open championship is supposed to get over by May 15, 2022, and it is even now announced by Krafton that this will bring a boom for the first battlegrounds mobile Pro Series (BMPS).

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There is no price for BMOC but there will be a big prize pool for the BMPS which is around two crore rupees. This is the largest price ever for any esports or online sports event in India. Follow the battleground mobile pro series scheduled to occur from May 19 to June 12, 2022. The battleground mobile pro series Will have the top 16 BMOC teams gaining first place in the competition.

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Before Finding the top 24  BMOC teams there were qualifiers that took place on March 31. These Qualifiers took place for overall 4 days final result was announced on April 3. While the league stage of the grind is supposed to take place between April 7 and April 10, 2022. The final stage of this grind will take place between 14th April and April 17, 2022, and they will have the winners being announced on April 18, 2022.

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There were 32 teams in the qualifiers who were invited to participate in the competition. These teams were further grouped into four groups. In the qualifiers, each team will compete in A round-robin style for 4 days. All these 32 teams will compete with each other and only 24 teams will go further to the next league stage. There were four groups Group A Group B Group C Group D. All of these had eight members each and there was a fix of five matches each team competing with each other.

  • Match 1 was in an Erangel and the competition was between groups A and B
  • Match 2 was in Miramar and the competition was between groups A and C
  • Match 3 was in Sanhok and the competition was in-between groups A and D
  • Match 4 was in Erangel and the competition was in-between groups B and C
  • Match 5 was in Miramar and the competition was in-between groups B and D.

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After qualifying through the qualifiers 24 teams were selected and 8 teams were eliminated that is one group was out of the competition. Further, these 24 teams will be grouped into three groups with each group playing in a round-robin style Over four days. From this round, there will be 16 teams who will be the winners and they will further go to the final stage of the competition. The final stage of the event will be held between 14th April 17 April and the winner’s announcement among all the 16 teams will be on April 18.

The first stage of battlegrounds mobile India open challenge 2022 Was won by team XO That is they finished at the number one spot while team Soul finished at the second spot following the other teams as well the bottom 8 teams were eliminated from this competition and only 24 teams went further for the next stage competition Which will take place in a round-robin format. In this round there will be 24 matches which will be played by the players over the period of four days that is 16 matches will be played per team and only the top 16 teams will further advance to the ground finals.

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How to Watch Battleground Mobile India Open Challenge 2022?

The battleground mobile India open challenge 2022 grind league stage will be streamed on the official YouTube channel of the battlegrounds mobile India at 5 PM IST. All the selected 24 teams will be looking to finish at the top of the overall leaderboard and qualify for the ground finals. Ask whoever is going to win this Competition is going to get a prize pool of 2 crore rupees.

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