Weapon Master in PUBG

Players only indulge in a game if they are getting something in return. Not only in monetary terms, but the time they are investing in the game, they always expect something rather than just increasing levels. That is why most of the games, give virtual coins, gems, power-ups, or their own unique items which hold some value in the game. Generally, the idea of giving rewards is to trap the existing customers and bring new customers. Also, they plan schemes on these kinds of rewards like new customers will get one-time better rewards or some more exciting ones. These rewards are some exciting items like Power-ups or some currency like Gold or Gems which could be used for different purposes according to the game.

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Similar to this, Pubg also shares these kinds of rewards to rewards the users for playing the game. But Pubg developers team is one step ahead of the other game developers. In Pubg not only does your level and its worth increase but also Pubg gives some special titles for the deserving players so that they can have their unique identity from the rest. It is not an upgrade or not any booster but it demonstrates your gameplay style, efforts, and skills with many different titles. The titles are given to those people who all specialize in some specific category of the game. Now the categories are divided according to the gameplay style of the person and according to his stats.

To achieve these titles you need to fulfill certain requirements given by the game. Now, these titles are as easy as eating a cake and as hard as making a rocket.

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For example, the Easiest one is “Well Liked”. For this title, you do not need to do much, just play the game and collect likes and that’s all. Collecting likes is very easy, people randomly just give a like on your profile, gameplay matters but not that much. You need to collect 1000 likes so, you just need to play a lot of games.

And the Hardest one is “Unique Destiny”, which could be achieved when you achieve other hard titles like “Commando”. In order to achieve “Commando”, You will need strong gaming abilities and patience, the requirements are crazy for this title. You need to play in the platinum tier, win 50 Chicken Dinners solo on classic mode, without wearing any Vest, Helmet or Backpack. This looks very much impossible but the Masters of the game have achieved it.

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And the “Unique Destiny”, is a title that is achieved by unlocking all achievements and titles in the game. This sure is a lifelong process.

So with all these combinations of easy and hard titles, there is one title for which people are very passionate. That is “Weapon Master”. So how to get a “Weapon Master” in the game, let’s find out:

To gain the title “Weapon Master”, the first condition is to be in “Platinum League”.

PUBG Weapon Master Trick

Now you have to complete the tasks in a single game.

  • Kill an enemy with AR Gun
  • Kill an enemy with SMG Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Sniper Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Shot Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Throwables (Grenades)
  • Kill an enemy with a Vehicle (Car, Buggy, or Jeep)

To obtain the title “Weapon Master”, you can use this strategy:

Players need to jump to last where the plane throws off players by itself. These are the offline players or the player who left. Then mark their location and rush to a nearby building to get your hands of weapons. In nearby buildings, you can easily get a Grenade or a Shotgun, or both. Then go to the marked location and kill one player with a shotgun and another one with a Grenade. Now, just grab a Vehicle and crush another offline player or a bot.

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But remember there might be another player like you trying to rank push or increase stats, in case of online players rush to the nearest building, find any gun possible and kill them first.

Now most of the work is done and all you need to do is to kill with different weapons like Assault Rifle, SMG, or Sniper Rifle and you can do it easily in the rest of the match. Note down or remember each kill with different methods, it will be easy to achieve the title faster. After completing these tasks you can quit your game or keep playing it is your choice. After the game, Pubg will welcome you with your new title “Weapon Master”.

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