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It’s impossible to dispute that playing online games is a great deal of pleasure. However, the fact is that you may always find folks that cheat or wish to outperform you. You’ll have no choice except to cheat to stay up with the other players in such a situation. That’s when you risk being blocked. The same thing may happen when you only wish to use a mod since there have been cases where individuals have been banned for using a simple, ordinary mod. There are many instances in which people are prohibited:

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The Anti-Cheating System will always keep a close check on players’ actions in the game. Any game rule infractions that are identified by the system will be penalized.

  1. Use any cheating devices available in the game.
  2. Logging into the game via illegal third-party software that modifies the client file data.
  3. Illegal modifications to client file data, such as removing grass or changing grass models in-game.
  4. Play the game with an unauthorized game client.
  5. Participants may lose their accounts or money if fraudulent players in the game promote unlawful material or websites.
  6. Multiple instances of cheating colleagues in team games.
  7. Make use of any unlawful payment method
  8. Only a few nations have prohibited the use of PUBG Mobile if you’re accessing your PUBG Mobile account over a VPN.

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How Can I Get My PUBG Mobile Account Unbanned in 2022?

There are no hard and fast rules for how to unban an account on PUBG Mobile. However, being unbanned from PUBG is doable. However, not everyone will benefit from the same PUBG Mobile unban hack.

To begin, let us clarify if the ban on your PUBG Mobile account is temporary or permanent.

If the restriction is temporary, all players know that it will be lifted after a few days. One must patiently wait for the prohibition time to end. It’s relatively straightforward.

The third form of the PUBG ban is indefinite. If the developers detect the payers engaging in cheating, toxicity, or inappropriate nicknames, to mention a few, it is slapped. It may be tough to be unbanned from PUBG if you are on the receiving end. The PUBG account ban is permanent and lasts for ten years or 3650 days.

The official document from PUBG Mobile support explains how they tackle the issue of hackers and cheaters being banned. However, there is a way to contact customer support to get the PUBG Mobile account unbanned. This only applies to circumstances when the prohibition was erroneously imposed. A player can appeal for PUBG Mobile unban in one of three methods, depending on the type of ban.

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1. Request To “Unban PUBG Mobile Account” Via a Support Ticket

If the ban is permanent, you must contact the PUBG support website. After selecting the platform, create a ticket on the official PUBG Support ticket creation website. Gather all of the proof you’ll need before filing a ticket. In the Description box, upload them together with the reasoning for “PUBG mobile banned for no reason.”

You can also send an email with your side of the story in it to ‘PUBGMOBILE CS@tencentgames.com.’ Remember to give your character ID and account name.

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2. “File a Claim” To Get Your PUBG Mobile Account Unbanned

When a PUBG Mobile account is incorrectly banned, the developers have included a function. On the left side of the Notice being served, there is a “File Claim” option. This is a request to Karfton/Tencent to reinstate the PUBG account. This option can be used if you have been wrongfully assessed for violating any rules or not utilizing third-party programs to improve your gaming abilities.

3. In-Game Appeal To Unban Pubg Mobile Account

Go to the Customer Service option in-game, which will take you to a message system with support employees. Before selecting the message choice, prepare your arguments.

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The arguments will be cross-verified by the supporting technical team when all of the information has been submitted, and you will be notified of their conclusion.

Many of you who have been banned from playing would like to take pro-gaming action. Let us know how you performed in the comments section. If you found that helpful information, please visit our website for additional information on related trends.

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