BGMI M8 Royal Pass

BGMI is the immensely popular Pubg version in the market. It is launched for the Indian community of gamers who have lost their touch with PUBG during Covid and was eagerly waiting for it to come back.

BGMI broke the charts on the very first day, there were millions and millions of downloads of BGMI and players loved the game. Though there were some glitches at the start but the development team of BGMI worked together and erased all the glitched from the game. Till now they are working consistently to improvise the game for a better and better gaming experience.

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The game is updated and the theme is changed according to the seasons in the game. The BGMI M8 Royal pass has been introduced in the game with which players can take extra benefits from the game.

Every new season, players in the BGMI M8 royal pass get to see a variety of rewards, including clothing, cosmetic goods, and gun skins, which are highly appealing and well-liked by many users since it is very good for you. Know that the BGMI M8 Royal Pass benefits are excellent, and that some of them can be gathered or claimed for free. Pubg mobile APK users can download the most recent upgrades.

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BGMI M8 Royal Pass:

BGMI M8 Rewards

In BGMI, 360 UC is required to purchase an Elite Royale Pass, while 960 UC is required to get an Elite Plus Royale Pass. The upcoming season may be themed around cactus objects, according to leaked information.

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BGMI M8 Royal Pass Release Date:

Royale Pass BGMI Every month with increased benefits, the PUBG/BGMI M8 Royale Pass will launch on February 19, 2022, and will end on March 18, 2022.

The latest BGMI update will be handed out for Android users in the following days. The gamer must purchase BGMI M8 Royal Pass to gain ranking in the new season.

The new M9 Royal Pass is scheduled to open on March 18, 2022.

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BGMI M8 Season Leaks ( Items and Accessories):

  1. BGMI M8 RP 1 Reward: Play Date QBU Gun Skin
  2. RP 5: Cactus Constable Head Gear
  3. M8 RP 10: Magic Box Backpack Skin
  4. RP 15: RP Avatar Frame
  5. RP 20 Grenade Skin: Moo Moo Grenade Skin.
  6. New Outfit RP 25: Slobby Shirt (Free)
  7. RP 30: Scarlet Ranger Emote
  8. RP 35: Eagle’s Will UMP45 Gun Skin (Free).
  9. M8 RP 40: Peak Performance Scar-L Gunskin.
  10. BGMI M8 50 RP Reward: Scarlet Ranger Outfit (Scarlet Ranger Cover.)

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Season Cycle in BGMI:

There will be three seasons in each cycle, with additional incentives for each tier. The first cycle will be divided into four seasons: C1S1, C1S2, C1S3, and C1S4. The seasons will be labeled C2S1, C2S2, C2S3, and C2S4 in the second cycle.

How many UC required to unlock the M8 Royal Pass?

Users can usually buy BGMI M8 Royal Pass in one of two ways: through two different UC plans, out of which you can buy one Elite 360 UC elite Pass plus 960 UC. It depends on how much UC you have available, so you can buy that approach as you wish.

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Free Royal Pass for users in BGMI and PUBG?

“Yes,” you can gain Royal Pass for free in BGMI, but you must use any best-earning program for this in order to earn money, recharge your game, and upgrade BGMI M8 ROYAL PASS by purchasing UC.

What actually is a Royal Pass?

The BGMI M8 royal pass is a collection that includes a variety of goodies, like as outfits, helmet skins, emotes, vehicle skins, and parachute content. All of the awards may be obtained by purchasing the same collection bundle.
So this is all the information about the M8 Royal pass update, leaks, and release date. I hope you got some useful information from the article.

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