Incompatible Tier Cannot Team-Up BGMI Error

As you are all aware, BGMI implemented a new tier ranking system that restricts players to only playing against other players in their Tier to prevent hackers and high-tier players from avoiding lower-tier players.

Players of BGMI and PUBG have both recently encountered a pop-up message that reads “Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up” in BGMI and PUBG. Therefore, there are some ways to fix this. To resolve the Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up Error in BGMI, fully comply with these below instructions.

BGMI is an action royale game that is played by millions of people at a time. Inside the game there are too many things going on, working properly and smoothly without any disturbances. This is happening because outside of the game there is a dedicated team that is watching all the things happening inside the game and controlling it properly so that players can play freely without any disturbances in the game. The game developers always try their level best to provide a fluent experience to the users. The dedicated team of developers always keeps the mechanisms up-to-date and always checks up on the system and these mechanics and automated systems help in enhancing the user’s gaming experience.

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After the ban on Pubg, the whole country of gamers was in a shock stage as they do not know what to do now. Because most of the gamers only spend time playing Pubg with friends and many of them are already preparing for bigger competitions. Then almost after 10 months, BGMI was released and it’s just like the soul has returned to the gamer’s bodies. Regular and professional gamers started playing in Battle royal modes and started upgrading their skills but Hackers wrecked the whole fun and joy of Battle Royal. Suddenly, the number of hackers in the game started increasing rapidly and it was kind of a one-person game then. Even the pros are having a hard time dealing with the hacker’s extraordinary abilities in the game. This resulted in a massive amount of players shifting to some other games.

Watching this, the Krafton team got charged up and came up with a new anti-cheat system in the 1.7 BGMI update. The major idea of this patch was to remove all the hackers from the game. In spite of its effectiveness, hackers made new IDs and played around with them.

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One of the greatest battle royale games is Krafton BGMI, which has been adding new features and upgrades while also keeping a watch on hackers. They just released an anti-cheat code program to prevent hackers from winning unfairly and illegally.

Even yet, they continued to play as new ids appeared, despite it not being enough to stop them. This tier rating system, also introduced during the 1.8 upgrades, prevents players of the highest tiers, such as ace or diamond, from teaming up with those in bronze, which is a positive thing. Therefore, the Incompatible Tier Cannot team up Bgmi Pubg pop-up will be displayed every time you try to join up with your pals.

As a result, the creators devised a new matching mechanism that prevents players from playing with lower-tiered in-game buddies.

If you’re a PUBG Mobile/BGMI player who enjoys playing with friends, you’ve probably encountered the error “Incompatible Tier Cannot Team-Up.”

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I Cannot Team Up With BGMI PUBG Due To Incompatible Tier: Solution

You’re all seeking a way to partner up with BGMI Pubg, but your tiers are incompatible. So here are some advice and solutions to fix it.

What is Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up Error in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up Error

The Incompatible tier difference simply means that the person whose tier is extreme High like Ace or Conqueror will not be able to extreme low tiers like Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier players.

For Example, A 10th class boy can hang out with an 8th or 9th class boy but not with a 1st or 2nd class boy as in general (exceptions apart). Similarly, BGMI developers have created this on the same principle.

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This issue occurs when you partner up with players who have different tiers than you. A player on a Diamond tier, for example, cannot join up with someone on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier.
Although a player on the Diamond Tire can join up with a player on the Platinum Tire, this means that if any two players wish to team up but their tiers are significantly different, they will be unable to do so.

Because of this feature, people that play the game together profit greatly. For example, if a player with a Diamond tier teams up with a player with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold tier, his team will not be as strong.

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Is there a way to Fix Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up in PUBG Mobile/BGMI?

There is only one option to solve this mistake, and that approach is similar to tiers. For example, if you are on the Diamond Tier and wish to team up with a friend who is on the Bronze tier, either your friend must upgrade to Platinum or you must downgrade to Silver.

You can resolve the issue Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up in this manner. You can subscribe to our website if you wish to be kept up to speed on comparable information concerning PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

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This update is good as the players on lower levels might now have right now what it takes to beat the opponents of Higher levels and the opponents can destroy the whole team game and rankings. To make things even all BGMI teams have done this change and according to me, it is a pretty accurate and strong change.

How to Fix Incompatible Tier Cannot Team Up BGMI?

If the tiers of two players are different, you are ineligible to play with them. Therefore, if a player with platinum or diamonds wishes to pair up with a player with silver or bronze, the answer is either for the player’s friend to boost his Tier by playing more or for the other player to decrease his level by losing or doing poorly in a competition. Therefore, this is the real fix for this BGMI Incompatible Tier Cannot Team-Up issue.

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The next best course of action is to switch to playing solo games rather than a duo or squad match, which won’t cause this problem. Instead of selecting ranked mode, you may go to the map and filter the options by choosing unranked mode. This will be the one to repair it next.

There is no other feasible alternative outside these techniques since, in both BGMI and PUBG, fair play is a crucial factor. So if you want to play squad games with your friends or other players, it’s best to raise your tier rank level collectively. I hope this tutorial solves your Incompatible Tier Cannot team up Bgmi problem. Fans of both BGMI and PUBG can’t wait to start playing the upcoming BGMI m10 RP. For more fascinating and unique content, follow our account.

This change is beneficial since players at lesser levels may now possess the skills necessary to defeat opponents at higher levels, who might completely demolish the team’s competition and rankings. All BGMI teams have implemented this alteration to level the playing field, and in my opinion, it is a relatively accurate and decisive move.

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