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Players can aim down the sights (ADS) in several shooting games, such as PUBG, for more precision. You gain a slight magnification boost and can align with your target using iron sights or scopes. Scopes are fantastic for fast or accurate shooting at greater distances. Do you need assistance understanding how to utilize the PUBG capacity? You may learn all there is to know about using a scope while shooting in this post. We’ll also address some of your most pressing inquiries.

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How Does PUBG’s Scope Work?

In PUBG, you must first locate a scope before using it. It would help if you first connected sight to a gun since every gun you find on the ground is empty of any attachments. However, the scope cannot be added to all firearms. Some scopes, such as sniper scopes for rifles, can only be used on specific types of weapons. Since low-magnification scope might not perform as well as high-magnification scope, you also need the appropriate scope for the proper circumstance.

Additionally, you may carry one of each and switch scopes as needed. You should have some room in your inventory, so if you’d like, you may always bring along a spare scope.

Scopes are only usable from a first-person vantage point. You won’t be able to use your weapon’s optics if you play in third-person mode. However, each viewpoint has benefits over the other.

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Let’s look at how to use the scope in PUBG now without further ado.

Scope Mode Left Right Stop

How To Aim With A Scope At A Distance?

First, it’s crucial to understand that each rifle in PUBG has a variable muzzle speed, affecting how far bullets travel. On sniper and assault rifles, larger scopes will perform better, but on SMGs, the rounds will likely not go very far. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the bullet’s range and adjust the crosshair accordingly.

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How To Strike Targets That Are Moving?

For novice players to the game, hitting moving targets may likely seem complicated, but trust us when we tell you it is very much feasible. A few elements must be kept in mind by the player to hit a moving target accurately. First, determine how far and in what direction the moving object travels. To start firing, one must now adjust for the distance, the trajectory of the moving opponent, and the gun’s bullet travel.

Recognizing The Various Rifle Recoil:

As we previously noted, each rifle in PUBG has a unique recoil, and players must be aware of this to use the automatic mode or even swiftly select the single shot or burst modes. In contrast, both DMRs and ARs have significant recoil; SMGs have less recoil. Once you begin firing the firearms in automatic mode, slowly lower the mouse cursor to maintain the crosshair on the adversary to regulate the recoil.

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Making Certain, The Target Of The Attack Is Hit:

Because most bullets fired in auto-fire mode are likely to miss their target, just shooting at the opponent is insufficient. But it is not an issue if the opponent is hit with enough shots to knock them down or kill them. Always keep an eye out for the blood splatters when a gunshot strikes an adversary. When using an auto rifle or DMR, they are simpler to spot, but it is more challenging when using a bolt action rifle. When it happens, keep pressing the left mouse button to track the bullet’s trajectory and determine if it reached the intended target.

Ensuring That The Game’s Settings Correspond To Your Playstyle:

There are several choices in PUBG to perfect the focus settings, including mouse sensitivity, mid-range sensitivity, and long-range sensitivity. Keep adjusting these to ensure that you find the sweet spot where your aim is maximized. Additionally, there are options to alter the crosshair’s color.

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