Joystick Stuck Problem in BGMI

Since a very long time ago, the BGMI MOBILE joystick issue has been a significant issue for many players. Many people like the popular online battlefield royale game BGMI. Being a competitive game, even the most minor bug or issue is essential to the participants. A joystick bug has been preventing mobility for many players worldwide. I will talk about potential solutions to this issue in this post.

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Have you ever been playing a VR game when you observed that your location seemed to change abruptly? Do you ever find yourself having trouble browsing menus at random? You’re not alone; many VR users have had the same difficulties. The problem with your controller is a phenomenon called joystick drift.

Joystick drift is a controller issue that is becoming more and more widespread. Even the PS5 exhibits joystick drifting, which is a problem with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. When drifting occurs on a controller, the joystick moves automatically without the player’s input. This may result in the previously noted issues with erratic character movement and challenging menu navigation.

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Joystick drift may be annoying. Although your initial inclination would be to replace the controller entirely, there are actions you can take that could help you save some money. Before purchasing a new Oculus Touch controller, use these suggestions to attempt to correct controller joystick drift yourself.

Change The Batteries:

Check whether your controller’s joystick drifting is corrected by removing the battery, waiting a few minutes, and then reinserting it. If it doesn’t work, try replacing it with a new one. Your battery might need to be changed to alleviate your issue. There are many different battery alternatives available; be sure to select the one that is ideal for you.

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The Controller Needs Cleaning:

It’s time to look over the region around the joystick right now. To check for potential obstructions, such as dust particles, push and hold the joystick in one direction. While checking your controller, make sure there is enough light. Giving the joystick a good cleaning might be the answer if you see anything in the area. Perhaps just a quick clean with a microfiber cloth would do.

Many BGMI users claim that the issue may be fixed by merely moving the joystick about and blowing towards the borders to clear the debris. But if you’d want to avoid recalling any memories of those gasping-for-air battles from the age of cartridge gaming, the controller needs cleaning.

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Speak With Meta Support:

If changing your batteries and cleaning your controllers doesn’t stop your joystick from drifting, there is nothing further you can do. You must start a support ticket and speak with Meta Support (opens in a new tab). Your controller may need to be entirely replaced or formally fixed.

Don’t panic if your controller hasn’t yet experienced joystick stuck; it’s conceivable that it won’t. Although it is a frequent and prevalent issue, joystick drifting isn’t a universal issue. Most of the time, a simple adjustment can be made to stop joystick drifting, and routine controller cleaning can assist.

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Nevertheless, not every case of joystick drifting is a player-caused issue; if the suggestions in this tutorial haven’t helped with your drifting, the problem probably couldn’t have been avoided. In some cases, joysticks deteriorate over time from frequent use; in other others, the controller may be broken.

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