Use Control Code In PUBG

Sensitivity settings are essential in a battle royale game like BGMI & PUBG Mobile. We all want to win when we play PUBG Mobile or BGMI, but it is impossible without the optimal sensitivity settings. The most attractive feature of BGMI is the ability to alter your sensitivity settings by inputting a code revealed to you by well-known players like Jonathan, Mortal, Mivi, and others.

If you want to understand how to use the pro players’ settings and enter the BGMI sensitivity settings code, you’ve arrived to the correct place. In addition to showing you how to use the sensitivity settings code in BGMI, this article also provides a list of pro-player codes you can use now.

Players of the BGMI should have the ideal control configuration and sensitivity settings for optimum performance. But gamers frequently fail to discover the perfect locations and merely replicate those of their friends or other players. All it takes to do this is to share a short code. Players may find a step-by-step tutorial for creating and disseminating this code in this article.

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BGMI Sensitivity Settings Sharing Using Codes:

Players must be skilled with gunplay and survival techniques because it is a battle royale game to prevail. Players require a suitable control arrangement and sensitivity settings to perform well in the game.

After a player finds the ideal settings, it just takes practice to improve a game. Players may create and share their layout and sensitivity settings with anyone by following a few easy steps:

  • Open the game and select Sensitivity Settings to produce and distribute the code.
  • “Upload to Cloud” should be located.
  • Look for a “Share” option under “Layout Management” by clicking on that.
  • Players will receive a code with the option to “Copy and share,” They can distribute the code using any available method.

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How To Use The Code Sent?

  • Go to the game’s settings by opening it.
  • On “Layout Management,” click.
  • Next, put the supplied code into the “Search Method” box.
  • Click “Preview,” make the necessary changes, and click “Use Layout.”

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2 Finger Claw (Thumbs) Control Code For BGMI New State:

3 finger pubg layout code

It might sometimes take a lot of effort to find the optimum control scheme for BGMI New State (even after you enter the game). Ultimately, you must customize it to fit your playstyle and strengths. This article will show you some of my favorite control schemes for BGMI New State.

The best control code for a two-finger slash (thumbs) BGMI’s new state is:


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BGMI New State’s Best Sensitivity Settings  For Two-Finger (THUMBS):

When selecting our sensitivity settings in BGMI New State, the process is the same for everyone. While it’s essential to be able to turn fast, we also don’t want to create a curve that will eventually make us queasy. We all struggle to strike a decent balance, but maybe this advice will make it easier for you to do so.

By examining the optimum sensitivity settings for BGMI New State, I will discuss how to enhance your aim in the game today. In the match BGMI New State, accuracy is critical. The majority of professional competitive players utilize these sensitivity levels and streamers.

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Ending Notes:

This manual should have assisted you in setting up your controls for BGMI’s new state. Please feel free to ask us any other questions you may have in the comments area. As quickly as we can, we will respond to you.

Now that you know how to regulate and adjust the sensitivity in BGMI New State, maybe you can play the game to your preferences. These controls need to aid you in developing the abilities required to play BGMI New State at a higher level. And until then, good luck on the front lines!

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