Fix TDM Gun Sound Glitch In BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the country’s version of PUBG Mobile. A large Esports community exists for the game, which attracts many aspiring professional players.

A glitch is only a game bug that we refer to as a glitch in the gaming language. The BGMI development team often addresses bugs with updates. However, occasionally it takes a while. Because of this, we need to fix the Glitch. One of the most common Glitches in BGMI is the TDM Gun Sound Glitch. Players have been noticing this TDM Gun Sound Glitch for the last few months. So in this post, we are here to help you with the solution to the TDM Gun Sound Glitch in just 1 min. It’s that simple.

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Why Does TDM In BGMI Mobile Not Load?

TDM may not load for various reasons, some of which are listed here.

1. Device Incompatibility:

The game’s size and system requirements have risen due to the New Era update. Your Tdm or Classic match may not load if your phone has 2GB or 3GB RAM.

2. Slow Internet:

A sluggish internet connection is one of the primary factors. If your internet connection is sluggish, you must be prepared to cope with several bugs in PubG Mobile.

3. When Playing From India:

Although BGMI Mobile is illegal in India, there are still a lot of gamers there. You encounter so many game bugs for this vital reason and others.

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How Can We Fix TDM Gun Sound Glitch In BGMI?

Now, we’ll provide you with some advice that will help you to resolve the TDM Gun Sound Glitch in BGMI.

1. Start The Game Again:

The best solution for this issue is to restart the game. You must do this if Tdm is not loaded. Then you may choose to “enter again in the match,” which you must select to enter Tdm quickly.

2. Use of Vpn:

Vpn may be used to address this issue as well. But remember that Pubg Mobile’s Ping will automatically rise anytime you use a VPN.

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3. Play While WiFi:

If your internet connection is sluggish, you may play the game on WiFi. This won’t cause your ping to spike, allowing you to play the game easily.

This advice should assist you in resolving the tum not loading issue. Let’s now discuss how we can remedy additional bugs.

4. Sound Bug in the Game:

This is another annoying bug that affects players of Pubg. Don’t worry, though; we have a solution for you.

5. Use Discord:

If the sound in your game has a bug, you may use Discord to communicate with your buddies.

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How Does Discord Work?

  1. Download and launch the Discord app.
  2. Sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
  3. Setup a Discord server on your own.
  4. Invite all of your friends and team members to the server.
  5. Create a new voice channel on your server at number.
  6. When you play, join the voice channel with your friends.

6. Conference call connection:

Discord is challenging to use, and many gamers are unfamiliar with it. Then this simple technique will assist you.

How Can you Connect Conference Calls?

  1. Make a call to one buddy.
  2. Connect your other pals by selecting Add Call.
  3. To turn on the game volume, long press the volume button.
  4. Play a game with your pals.

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Here’s a Video Video to let you help in a better manner and understand how to fix the TDM Gun Sound Glitch In BGMI.

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