Your Account Is Currently Ineligible For Account Transfer Error

The newly launched BGMI is now officially available for download in the country. Earlier in June, a beta version of the game was available for the players. Now, a new version of the game is ready for installation. Until now, there have been more than 10 million game downloads. As promised, the developers are letting the players transfer their previous data to BGMI.

BGMI Account Data Transfer Problem:

Your Account Is Currently Ineligible For Account Transfer Error

In this post, we are providing the readers with information on the “Your Account Is Currently Ineligible For Account Transfer” Error. PUBG players can gather information on the New Official App Release of BGMI. Know who can transfer the PUBG data to BGMI, the time limit for transfer, the associated rewards, and more in the post. Read the position until the end to get some additional exclusive information on the app.

We are supplying the readers with details about the subject in this post. Players of PUBG may learn more by downloading the BGMI New Official App. The post discusses who may provide PUBG data to BGMI, how long it can take, the benefits, and more. To learn more about the app, read the article to the conclusion.

How to Send Information From PUBG to BGMI?

On July 2, 2021, Krafton Inc. published the final version of BGMI (BattleGrounds Mobile India). The creators made the statement via the company’s official social media account. On Instagram, the identical subject was posted in public.

The developers are now disseminating all of the previously promised data transfer details. Krafton Inc. made notifications about the transfer of the PUBG account and the release of the game’s final version.

No more accounts will be transferred, according to the creators’ announcement. As of this writing, there have been no official notifications about the restart of player account transfers. We will update them in this post as soon as new information is available on the subject. To prevent inconvenience, any participants with crucial data information can move their data until July 9, 2021.

Additionally, the business declared that only users of the Livik Map would be able to switch their accounts over to BGMI. Also, gamers who have already transferred to BGMI will get pre-registration prizes. Additionally, gamers will soon receive extra in-game incentives.

Video Guide to Solve the Error “Your Account Is Currently Ineligible For Account Transfer Error”

Who Is Authorized To Provide The PUBG Data To BGMI?

The account that users previously used to log in to the PUBG gaming app will be utilized to transfer PUBG data. The only Players who may send their data online are those who have logged in using their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It’s possible that users that logged into PUBG using Google Play won’t be able to transfer their game data to BGMI. This is because Google does not accept signing in using embedded browsers. Therefore, these players might need to either register a new account or wait for the transfer to resume with updated information. This may not, however, be guaranteed.

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