Fix Requesting Storage Permission To Save Games Data

We all understand that storage is never as large as it seems. For instance, a device having 32GB of Storage would have much less due to the OS, preloaded software, and the wasted space caused by the way OSes structure the storage media.

Most of us are aware of this; however, we still find it very perplexing when we attempt to install apps or OS updates on our Android or iOS smartphone only to be informed that there is not enough storage, even though the update or program requires much less space than is available.

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Blame the UI:

In most situations, the issue is that the OS does not have enough working space to complete the installation. At the end of the procedure, there is space for the update or app but not enough to carry out the process. If only the error notice would state this!

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“Insufficient Storage Available” Error Message:

The “Insufficient Storage Available” warning frequently plagues Android users because of a lack of working space. To make matters worse, there are several reasons why there isn’t enough functioning storage.

The three types of Storage that Android apps require are for the programs themselves, their data files, and their cache. These caches can get huge, but Android still reports them as free space, even if they aren’t accessible as a working area for installing apps.

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How to Fix Requesting Storage Permission To Save Games Data Issue?

Requesting Storage Permission To Save Games Data Issue

If you get the “Insufficient Storage Available” issue, try deleting the app cache to see if it releases sufficient space for the installation. Depending on the Android version you’re using and the device’s manufacturer, there are several ways to do this.

For The Most Portion:

  1. Tap the Apps, Applications, or Applications Manager option in the Settings app. (Applications Manager might come after Apps or Applications.)
  2. To access the Downloaded section, scroll sideways. Every app will be listed along with how much storage space it is using.
  3. To order the applications according to which ones use up the most storage, tap the Menu or More button and select Sort By Size.
  4. Tap a program to see how much space it consumes for the program, its data (in the Storage section), and its cache (the Cache section).
  5. Clear the cache and make some room.

Another option is to choose Clear data; however, doing so would delete your files, which is probably not a good idea. For Each App, just repeat the above steps.

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There may be a quicker method for clearing the cache for all the applications at once on some devices:

  • Open Settings and choose storage (it should be in the System tab or section).
  • You can check the amount of storage used and the breakdown of cached data.
  • Select Cached Data.
  • Touch Delete to release that cache for working space on the confirmation form that pops up, or tap Cancel to keep the stock in place.

Be advised that emptying the cache might not always work. External storage (essentially SD cards)-Android devices sometimes have substantially less useable storage than stated. As the internal core storage of the device must house many system files and a select number of apps rather than a detachable storage medium.

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This need is included for security and stability reasons. However, they differ from Android to Android, and in specific versions, app developers get to set the criteria for what may be saved. As a result, Android smartphones with removable storage may require the removal of applications and data in addition to the cache to create a place for updates and new apps.

People still getting issues to solve this problem. So here is a simple video method to fix Requesting Storage Permission To Save Games Data Issue in both PUBG & BGMI:

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