Fix Peek & Fire Button Stuck Problem


, there are a variety of tactics that may be used to improve gaming. Your chances of winning the game will also rise with the new tactics. The most recent PUBG mobile and PUBG emulator tips and tricks have already been published. One of the finest approaches players may use to improve their chances of winning the game is the peek & fire method. This option was recently added to the game, so we’ve created this tutorial to show you how to activate it on your PUBG emulator.

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Peek & Fire Option in BGMI:

Although the BGMI peek and fire option is not new, it has recently become more popular. It is one of the best tactics most skilled PUBG players employ. You may have frequently observed players hiding behind a particular rock or tree, sticking their heads out the door, and firing at other opponents or you. Because you can only see their head and no player can kill them with such accuracy, it becomes pretty challenging for the opponent. As a result, you must activate and understand how to use the peek and fire method in BGMI.

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Why Is There No Peek & Fire Option In The BGMI Game I’m Playing?

This is one of the questions that we have been asked the most recently. The majority of gamers have witnessed friends making use of this option. Additionally, the choice could be turned on on your friend’s smartphone. Why then is it not accessible on your device? The fact that this option isn’t enabled by default is the leading cause of your inability to discover it in the game. Is there any need to freak out since we’ll show you how to enable peek & fire on BGMI?

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Is The PUBG Emulator Compatible With This Choice?

On PUBG mobile, this option is there by default. However, those unfamiliar with the PUBG emulator have trouble turning this feature on. But do PUBG emulators provide this option? Yes, PUBG emulators offer the possibility to peek into the game. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of turning on this feature on your device. So no need to worry because this feature is accessible on all gaming-compatible devices, providing you the upper hand over players who do not use it.

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How Can You Start BGMI Peek & Fire In An Emulator?

Both the game and the PUBG emulator provide the peek and fire options. The option must be manually activated before you start the game because it is not preactivated. To enable the chance, go to the settings and follow a few easy instructions. All the necessary information and instructions are provided below to help use the peek & fire function in BGMI Game. Let’s get to the matter and learn how to turn on the feature on PUBG emulators.

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How To Activate The BGMI Peek & Fire Feature On An Emulator?

  • Open the game after starting the emulator.
  • Now click the settings button to see the settings page.
  • You may now access the peeking option by going to general settings.
  • All you have to do to make a choice active is click the activate button.
  • The E and Q buttons can be used by default to peek left and right, respectively.