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Best GFX Tool For BGMI Android

Understandably, most gamers are seeking the best GFX tool for BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Knowing what would work best might be challenging, given the abundance of possibilities.

GFX Tools assist you with game optimization for low-end mobile devices. Graphics and game performance won’t be a problem in the upcoming years because gaming needs are rising daily.

Most players will, however, also want to use cheap phones to play the newest game. The finest GFX tool for BGMI is necessary to play these high-definition games since it can help you optimize your game to run smoothly on even low-end devices.

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Best GFX tool for BGMI 2022:

1. Game Launcher & Optimizer – GFX Tool for PUBG.

The first overall pick is one of the simplest and most powerful PUBG GFX tools you will ever encounter. Please be aware that this one only functions with Android-powered smartphones before we explain how it works. Therefore, if you own an iPhone, look at some of the other alternatives below and pass on this one.

You may modify the game’s visual settings with the straightforward and original game launcher and optimizer known as the GFX Tool for PUBG. With this application, you may enable HDR visuals, eliminate or smooth shadows, increase the game’s frame rate, and decrease the general slowness you’ve been experiencing with PUBG by just pressing a few keys.

2. Advanced Graphics Tool for Battlegrounds.

Here is another GFX program user-friendly for beginners and works with all PUBG versions. This one is ideal for individuals who don’t want to worry about the technical aspects of upgrading the visuals on their mobile devices. Download and install this software, sit back, and watch it work its magic.

Newer Android and PUBG versions are completely compatible with the Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool. Install it, make a few minor adjustments, then click Apply. Open PUBG again after that and observe how your gameplay will be completely different, more fluid, and superior.

3. GFX Pro Tool

Another straightforward and tasteful PUBG program is after this list of the top GFX tools. The GFX Tool Pro is this. The fantastic features of the premium version are also available in the free version. The only issue is that it has advertisements. However, because you won’t use this app frequently, it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Launch the GFX Tool Pro, fiddle with the settings for a few seconds or minutes, and then close it. The settings menu is somewhat condensed and provides a simple method for enhancing the aesthetics of your smartphone.

4. FlashDog

Here is one of the best PUBG graphics tools with many helpful features and enhancements. No matter how much RAM your smartphone has, FlashDog will ensure that you always get the finest PUBG gaming experience.

FlashDog provides a tonne of awesome improvements and features. The maximum FPS restriction is unlocked, HDR visuals are made available, shadows may be adjusted or eliminated, anti-aliasing can be increased, and many more features can be used to enhance your gaming experience. You cannot afford not to install FlashDog, one of the greatest GFX tools for PUBG.

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5. GFXBench Metal

Don’t think we’ll forget about iOS fans in this post. One of the top game launchers and optimizers available for IOS devices is GFXBench Metal. This free app provides the same advantages as the PUBG GFX Tool on the App Store. You may also use this program to optimize several other games on your iOS Device.

Another crucial point to remember with GFXBench Metal is that it works best on older iOS devices. Since most games run well on newer iPhone models, older iPhones can benefit from utilizing the GFXBench Metal tool to optimize titles like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, and others.

Best GFX Tool For BGMI Android 11:

1. No Ban, No Lag GFX Tool For BGMI & PUBG.

One of the greatest PUBG graphics tools is this. Players favor it a lot because the software is free to use. This program sets up your settings so that you may play at 90 frames per second with ultra HD and Android v11 compatibility without experiencing latency. This program has already had millions of downloads, yet no one has complained about being banned for using it.

2. Graphics and Optimizer PGT Free.

PGT Free is another utility that has received over 140.000 downloads from Google Play. This is another free GFX program that may enhance the visuals on your smartphone, as the name would imply. Every low-end Device’s new best friend is PGT Free.

With this program, you may tweak or eliminate shadows, enable anti-aliasing, activate extreme audio quality, apply HDR and UHD graphics to your Device, unlock all FPS levels up to a maximum of 90 FPS, and the list continues on and on. You can immediately notice a smoother, lag-free experience in PUBG after using PGT Free.

3. Game Booster 4X Faster Free

PGT Free is another utility that has received over 140.000 downloads from Google Play. This is another free GFX program that may enhance the visuals on your smartphone, as the name would imply. Every low-end Device’s new best friend is PGT Free.

With this tool, you may tweak or eliminate shadows, enable anti-aliasing, activate extreme audio quality, apply HDR and UHD graphics to your Device, unlock all FPS levels up to a maximum of 90 FPS, and the list continues on and on. You can immediately notice a smoother, lag-free experience in PUBG after using PGT Free.

Best GFX Tool for BGMI 60 FPS:

With Anonymous Developers, 60 FPS GFX TOOL FOR PUBG/BGMI has previously run on Android systems. Now, You may playtest GFX Tool for BGMI 60 FPS smoothly. Use the play store or search results to get it—no more worrying about the battery or getting annoying calls at the wrong moment. You can enjoy the huge screen’s free Best GFX Tool for BGMI 60 FPS.

Frames per second are referred to as FPS. In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI), FPS is set up to indicate how many frames (pictures) your Device will display per second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive the game will feel.

Usually, Show 60 fps is the setting for the BMI Extreme Option. However, your Device must meet high specifications to be eligible for this choice. Game Runs Very Smoothly using BGMI’s Extreme Option. Let’s now look at making this available for your Low-End Device. You must first download a GFX utility to enable 60 frames per second on your low-end Device. Download the original BGMI graphics tool.

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Best GFX Tool For BGMI 90 FPS:

Want to increase the framerate on Battlegrounds Mobile India. You should test out the new 90FPS GFX tool for Android phones, which will unlock and enable the 90fps frame rate option on any Android phone you own. Only a few Apple and Android devices support 90 frames per second. The most advanced smartphones have Ultra HD graphics options available. It has 4K visuals and plays games at 40 frames per second. Both games have a graphical auto-adjustment feature that automatically reduces settings in response to FPS variations.

The most desired gaming feature for gamers of BGMI Mobile is the 90 FPS option. This is because a higher frame rate (90 FPS) offers the player an edge over a rival playing at a lower frame rate (60 FPS).

How to Use the Battle Pro 90 FPS GFX Tool to Apply the 90FPS Settings On your phone?

  1. Permit your system to install files from untrusted sources.
  2. From the app drawer, now launch the Battle Pro GFX.
  3. After opening, choose BGMI or another version of Pubg Mobile you are running.
  4. Now, choose the 90 FPS frame rate option.
  5. Next, launch the game with all other settings set to default.

The game will now play with a frame rate of 90. However, occasionally it could be automatically deactivated; in that case, you’ll need to launch the game using the 90fps GFX tool.

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The many FPS possibilities that users may obtain by modifying their visual settings are as follows:

  • Smooth+Low- 20-25 FPS
  • 25–30 FPS, Smooth+Medium,
  • Smooth+High- 30 FPS
  • 40 FPS, Smooth+Ultra
  • Smooth+Extreme- 60 FPS
  • Smooth+90 fps- 90 FPS

The highest possible Frame Rate settings, such as Ultra and Extreme, should be used with the graphics choices set to smooth for higher FPS. If the gadget gets hot, gamers can adjust the frame rate settings.

BGMI Best GFX Tool Settings:

With the help of the tool’s many options, you may play your game at a higher frame rate than before on BGMI. You may play around with the following settings with this app:

  • Basic Settings
  • Simple Graphics Options
  • Different Settings (For high-end devices)
  • Advanced Options
  • Experimental Environments (Only for testing purposes)

BGMI Best GFX Tool Settings include the following:

  • 1024 by 576 pixels
  • Graphics: Smooth
  • FPS: 60FPS
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
  • Colorful design
  • Low Light Effect: Disable, Low Rendering Quality
  • GPU Optimization: Disable
  • Water Reflection: Disable
  • Save Controls: Enable

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It provides the general settings that you can adjust. The following are requirements that are available for BGMI Best GFX Tool Settings:

  • Best settings for your Device (Pro version only)
  • You may use the optimal settings for your Device according to your preferences and play the game by using this option in the PUB Gfx tool. There is a big library of settings profiles that other users have contributed. Only users of the Pro edition of this app, which is on the Google Play Store, have access to this function. Though not everyone will require this function, it is not the most crucial one. The game parameters are simple to modify manually.

Game Variant:

You need to choose the BGMI version already installed on your Device in this option. There are variations for Korea, Taiwan, China, the world, and the world (beta). Every time the official BGMI app is updated, these versions are also updated.


It is just the resolution you wish to set for the game; a variety is available. For the game to run more smoothly, it is advised to select a resolution that is a little slower than the Device’s resolution.

To obtain a good gaming experience, players are advised to erase the background memory on their smartphones. It is suggested since doing otherwise reduces the amount of memory available to the game for it to operate smoothly.

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Best GFX Tool for BGMI – No Ban:

Every BGMI player enjoys leveling up in the game. These gamers avoid utilizing the PUB Gfx tool because they believe it will get them banned. However, We want to assure you that utilizing the PUB Gfx tool or PUB Gfx tool Pro will not get you banned. Since We started utilizing the tool more than six months ago, We haven’t received any bans. You may utilize this gadget carefree and get more enjoyment from the game.

Ending Notes:

The BGMI Gfx tool for BGMI was the sole focus of this. Thanks to the app’s creator for creating such a helpful tool for BGMI gamers. If you enjoyed using this app, you could express your appreciation by giving it a positive review on the Play store. Keep checking back for more stories on BGMI and entertaining games.

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